Luminosity defeat Liquid 2-0, will face Na`Vi in MLG Major Championship: Columbus Grand Finals

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Patrick Strack / ESL

Luminosity Gaming triumphed over hometown heroes Team Liquid 2-0 Saturday in what was one of MLG Major Championship: Columbus' most intense matches. In both games, LG managed to deny Liquid's match point and mounted back-to-back comebacks to force overtime and sweep the series.

LG chose Mirage as the match’s first map, and it ended up being one of the craziest maps of the tournament. The first half was as close as you can get, with both sides trading blows and never taking more than three rounds in a row. The scoreline was dead even at 8-7 in slight favor of the Brazilians.

Liquid turned it on the second half, taking eight rounds to take a 15-9 lead. That is, until coldzera did this:

For those keeping score at home, that’s an open frag, a jumping no-scope collateral and another point-blank range no-scope. Yes, it may very well be one of the most insane 4K’s in competitive CS:GO.

LG managed to force overtime off of that play and simply blew Liquid away, taking 10 rounds in a row and slamming the map shut at 19-15.

This was a series that simply did not stop giving as the second map on Cache — Liquid’s choice this time — was another back-and-forth map. Hiko, the NA god, reminded us mortals why he was the king of the clutch, stealing countless rounds away from the Brazilians.

Once with a casual 4-versus-1.

And again, clutching a 1-versus-1 by taking a duel a duel with 6 HP remaining.

Liquid ended the half with a 9-6 scoreline, an incredible feat considering it was their CT side. However, history repeated as the Brazilians’ fighting spirit switched on after Liquid hit match point with a 15-6 scoreline.

After taking nine rounds in a row, LG forced yet another overtime.

From that point on it was clear that Liquid were out of steam. After taking only a single round on their T-side in overtime, LG closed the series 19-17.

LG move on to face Natus Vincere in the Grand Finals, while Liquid are eliminated.

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