Luminosity sweep Na`Vi 2-0 to take shocking MLG Columbus win

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / Major League Gaming

The Brazilian dream has come true. Luminosity Gaming took a convincing 2-0 sweep over Natus Vincere at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus Grand Finals, and will take home $500,000 in their first-ever Major victory.

The first map of the series was Mirage, LG’s choice, but Na`Vi went big on their CT-side. Na`Vi’s defense couldn’t be broken and they took the scoreline to 11-4 at the half, despite some sick clutches from the Brazilians.

LG were in a deficit, but just like in their series the day before against Liquid, they flicked the switch in the second half and forced an overtime. Na`Vi made some clutches themselves in the overtime, but LG had the momentum and closed the map 19-17.

The second map, Overpass, was Na`Vi’s choice, but LG were still on fire from the previous map and took a monstrous half that brought the scoreline to 13-2.

The Brazilians took the second pistol round and they knew it was their day. After two more rounds, they closed the map in a 16-2 blowout, taking the series and winning their first-ever Major.

coldzera was also awarded the MVP trophy for the tournament; after his insane 4k, it wasn't a big surprise.

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