Ronin reforms CS:GO team, adds emode, makka, Dallas-

by Dennis Gonzales May 12 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Ronin

Ronin have reformed their CS:GO division, picking up a few familiar faces and some news ones.

Rudy "cheK" Svreck and Michael "miKnutty" Vitaterna were part of Ronin's first foray into competitive CS:GO. That team acquired in February and released in April after some poor performances — though in ESEA Season 21 Premier North America they placed in eleventh and barely avoided relegation.

Joining cheK and miKnutty on the new Ronin roster are Evan "emode" Patrao, formerly of vVv Gaming; Bryan "makka" Drouillard, who was teammates with emode on ProspectsGG; and Dallas-, who played with miKnutty and emode on ACE Gaming.

Ronin's latest CS:GO roster looks as follows:

  • Rudy "cheK" Svreck
  • Michael "miKnutty" Vitaterna
  • Evan "emode" Patrao
  • Bryan "makka" Drouillard
  • Dallas-

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