FC Schalke 04 say CS:GO 'not fit' for the org, hope to move LoL matches to own arena

by Daniel Rosen May 19 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of FC Schalke 04

FC Schalke 04, a German soccer team that recently purchased Elements' spot in the EU LCS, said in a press conference Thursday that their priorities in esports are picking up Dota and Overwatch players, and that they are not interested in CS:GO.

"Counter-Strike is not fit for the club," the organization's head of esports, Tim Reichert, said via an English interpreter. "Obviously we already mentioned Dota 2, we mentioned Overwatch. We mentioned Fifa as one of the potential titles in which we want to venture. However, right now at this point, Counter-Strike is no option."

Earlier in the press conference, former Elements owner and current FC Schalke manager Jacob "maelk" Toft-Andersesn said that the organization is hoping to sign Dota 2 and Overwatch teams, and will be announcing a Fifa player within the month.

FC Schalke's director of media, communications and PR Thomas Spiegel said that the organization hopes to eventually move their EU LCS games from the Riot studios in Berlin to the Veltins-Arena in Gelesenkirchen, Germany — the club's home arena.

"There are already major esports events in major arenas, and Schalke also wants to have their esports event in this arena," he said via an interpreter. "The first wish would be to have the World Championship of League of Legends, after it was already in Berlin, to have it here in this stadium. But one can already take it one step further, that single match days, or other Elements games which hare currently played in the LCS studio in Berlin, can be moved here so that there are single-match days or other phases of the leagues and have them in the arena."

FC Schalke signed Elements' roster earlier this month, in the process acquiring their spot in the LCS, and rebranded as FC Schalke 04 to match their soccer team. The organization's first game in the EU LCS will be against the Unicorns of Love on June 2.

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