Maikelele joins LGB eSports

by Paul Park Mar 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Matt Demers / The Score eSports

Mikail “Maikelele” Bill's return to LGB eSports was announced on Wednesday

Bill will be taking over Morten “zeves” Vollan's spot on the LGB eSports roster. 

Bill had this to say about his return to LGB eSports in his official statement:

“I’m happy to announce that I will play as a stand-in (trial) for the organisation I once represented and created. LGB eSports is my roots and it will be fun to play for the amazing brand that have been one of the most known names of all names. I can’t say anything about the future but I can say that if this works out, I can see a great future with these guys, they have a lot of potential to become a really good team.”

This move comes months after a Ninja's in Pyjamas press release where they addressed their issues with Bill

“Its with great pleasure that we welcome not only a great player but a great friend back into LGB eSports, Maikalele." Said LGB eSports in an official press release. "We hope he enjoys his stay with us and that we can reach new heights with him.”

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