coldzera commemorates jumping 4K with tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist

by Daniel Rosen May 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / Major League Gaming

Between first-class flights, impromptu free throw drills and an impressive looking set, ELEAGUE is pulling out all the stops for its players. But while the perks that come along with competing in TBS' CS:GO league appear to be endless, Marcelo "coldzera" David's tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist Chris Garver might take the cake.

In a segment for ELEAGUE, coldzera got a tattoo to commemorate his unbelievable jumping 4k on Mirage from the MLG Major Championship Columbus earlier this year, where he single-handedly destroyed Team Liquid's championship dreams with three bullets, four jumps and four kills.

The play was already immortalized on Mirage, when Valve put up art of an AWP with wings on the in-game map, but ELEAGUE and coldzera decided to commemorate it in a slightly more permanent way. ELEAGUE flew out tattoo artist Garvey of Miami Ink fame to ink coldzera with the same AWP graffiti that Valve made to celebrate one of the craziest shots in CS:GO history.

So what does ELEAGUE pull out next? Hopefully they can finally get Shaq and Rick Fox in the studio to finally settle their heated rivalry.

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