Fnatic’s vuggo on olof’s arm: 'It is not 100 percent, but it doesn't affect his performance'

by Dennis Gonzales Jul 8 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson / ESL

Viktor “vuggo” Jendeby is the head coach for Swedish Legends Fnatic, who dismantled the Major’s last CIS team, Gambit Gaming, 2-0 on Friday. Gambit notably upset their group by taking down Counter Logic Gaming and Astralis.

After Fnatic’s swift victory, vuggo sat down with theScore esports talking about Gambit’s shaky performance, olof’s arm and their upcoming semifinal match against Team Liquid.

What was your expectation going into today’s match?

We expected a much tougher game. We watched some demos, we watched a lot of matches when they played and they play well. They have great individual skill, as well as great ideas. They play a very confident and explosive way of Counter-Strike that can sometimes counter us if we're not 100 percent focused from the start.

They initiated the game exactly as we thought, but we hit our shots and got momentum and kept rolling from that. Flusha did great calling today as well. I think everyone was on point both on communication, individually, aim, so we're hard to stop when everything clicks.

You mentioned that aggressive style from Gambit. Did you see that at all or were you kind of able to shut that down immediately?

Yeah, I think we played with great patience both on Cache and Train — they did a lot of aggressive plays. I think the problem for them was that all of their aggressive plays were more individual this time than they usually do. It felt like they were trying to win by themselves almost. Very uncharacteristic from what I've seen because they usually do these kinds of pushes and aggressive plays two or three guys and with more team plays, so I don't know. They felt off today.

What's your read on why that might have been?

For some of the players, it's their first time playing on a big stage and this is probably one of the biggest stages there have been for CS:GO. So obviously that has to play some role in it. Other than that, I don't know if they're super afraid of playing us. They have practiced against us, they play really good on practice as well, so they should know more or less how we play, so I don't know really.

We've talked a lot about Gambit, but how about you guys? Again, it was a pretty one-sided match, so I figure you guys are in pretty high spirits after that match?

Yeah, the way the match went we felt less and less serious. We were goofing around in the end on both maps, but we usually play better when we're having a lot of fun. We did a lot of individual plays, we took a lot of duels, and that's what we do, we tend to be a little not serious.

We started the event quite badly, but since then I think we've played better and better for each match and this was just another step towards the right direction.

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You talk about some of that confidence, I know that Flusha tweeted out that he felt super confident at the end of yesterday, but I think maybe the biggest concern going in was olof’s confidence. Have you spoken to him? Has he said anything about that?

Yeah, I mean we talk a lot with olof, as well as all the players really because when he first joined we had a lot of confidence but in just two weeks or something, our confidence kind of lacked. It didn't help when it went as it did in ECS, so we have had some troubles with it, not specifically olof but all of us with confidence, but I think we've overcome that problem now and are just looking forward with great confidence.

As far as the physical aspects of olof regarding his arm, is it 100 percent?

It is not 100 percent, but it doesn't affect his performance. It might still affect us in how much we can play per day, if we practice six or seven hours a day. Back when he wasn't injured he would have played six, seven more hours of individual play. He can't do that anymore, but he still performs at his highest levels, I'd say.

His injury kind of coincided, due to bad luck or bad timing with Guardian's injury, and one of the most shocking things that came out of that was how much his settings in-game changed. Did olof have to make any changes to his sensitivity or anything like that?

No. As far as I know he has even lowered his sensitivity, but maybe that was just for one event. But no, I don't think he's changed anything really.

You guys are going to be facing Liquid tomorrow. What are your feelings on that?

They played great against Na`Vi. They have played great when we've practiced against them. I think they are a great team and we should not underestimate them. We should do our homework and we need to bring our A-game.

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