fer on SK Gaming's second Major title: 'CS is our life'

by Dennis Gonzales Jul 10 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson / ESL One Cologne / ESL

Fernando "fer" Alvarenga is part of the Brazilian squad SK Gaming that has now won back-to-back Majors, after taking a convincing 2-0 Grand Final over Team Liquid in ESL One Cologne 2016.

fer took the time to talk with theScore esports right after his big victory. He spoke with us about what the win meant for his family, and how much he and his teammates have sacrificed to get here.

It is after the Grand Finals at the ESL One Cologne Major. I'm here with fer after his victory over Team Liquid. fer, how's it going?

Man, I don't know what to say. I am really happy. We trained so hard for this Major. We came to Germany before to do a bootcamp in the SK house, and I'm so proud of my team, they played really well. I didn’t play too good this series, but it's okay, you can't play good every map, but my team is amazing and I'm really happy.

I remember last Major you were pretty emotional. I can already see it in your eyes. Were you tearing up on stage as well?

Yeah, I never cry, but the last Major in Columbus was too much for me, because we passed through really hard things to become the champions, and that moment I just cried and I don't know what to say.

Do you have family here cheering you on?

No, my family just went to ESL New York.

Did you Skype with them yet?

Yeah, they called me and I talked with my mom and my dad, and they were crying. Everybody is happy.

You talked about that preparation, but you guys made it look easy in the Grand Finals. Can you walk me through that?

It was an NA team, and we practice against them a lot, so they know what we do and we know what they do. But I think peacemaker is a good coach, and he taught Liquid a lot. I think Team Liquid is a different team now. They are too much stronger and much more tactical. But it's our day and my team played very well, and I think it does make it easy.

It's hard to look ahead now that you've already taken two Majors in a row, but what's next for you guys?

The sky's the limit. We are here to win — we leave our family in Brazil, we leave this game, we go outside to eat, and we keep talking about CS, so CS is our life. If we had to leave our family, leave our country, our friends, girlfriends, or something, we need to work hard to be happy.

After you won the first Major, did you buy anything big? Like, did you go to Disney World?

No, no, no, I gave my money all to my parents and they take care of it.

Are you going to do the same this time? Or are you going to get yourself something?

Yeah, yeah, I will take part of it.

Given this big victory, you guys were also dealt a blow when you were disqualified from ELeague. Do you have any feelings on that?

I can't talk about this, but we are very sad because we won that spot, and they removed us from the tournament. So it's not good for us, but if they make the call — okay.

But you guys are going to be back for revenge in Season 2, I'm sure.

Yeah, I hope so.

Well, good luck and congratulations again!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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