PENTA forfeits match against Team Kinguin, disqualified from future StarSeries tournaments

by Daniel Rosen Jul 27 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of PENTA Sports

PENTA Sports have been disqualified from StarLadder i-League Starseries Season 2 and some future StarSeries tournaments following their forfeit before a match against Team Kinguin on Wednesday.

The news was broken by caster Tom Bissmire on-stream before the match was scheduled to begin

According to Bissmire, Penta forfeited the match as they realized they would not be able to advance to the playoff stage of the tournament no matter what the result was. This forfeit was considered to be misconduct by StarSeries officials, though the finer details of the ban are still being worked out.

Caster Ryan Oliver stated on-stream that the ban will last for at least the next two or three StarLadder events, though Bissmire added that it was a rough estimate.

This leaves Penta to finish the tournament in 17th-20th and last place in Group A with an 0-3 record. The forfeit also gave Team Kinguin a free win to boost their record to 3-0, cementing their first place status in the group. Pride Gaming and GODSENT are set to play later today to determine who will finish second in the group and qualify for the playoffs.

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