Digital Chaos sign MoonMeander, add Blitz as coach

by Daniel Rosen Aug 25 2016
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Digital Chaos has signed David "MoonMeander" Tan to replace offlaner David "Moo" Hull, and have added William "Blitz" Lee as a coach, the organization announced Thursday. Coaches Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille and Chase "Loomdun" Stearns will also be leaving the organization.

“We are elated to introduce our newest member to the family, David 'MoonMeander' Tan," Digital Chaos said in a press release. “Moon began his career as a pubstar in Heroes of Newerth. His antics on stream (although very unprofessional) made him a popular figure among the community.”

David "MoonMeander" Tan

Moon left OG on Wednesday. Team captain Tal “Fly” Aizik said in a TwitLonger earlier today that the team made the decision to remove him over personality differences. OG also lost Amer “Miracle-” Barqawi and Andreas “Cr1t-” Franck on Wednesday, though Fly said they left to pursue other opportunities.

While with OG, Moon helped the team place first at The Manila Major and The Frankfurt Major, as well as ESL One Frankfurt and DreamLeague seasons 4 and 5. Unfortunately, the team failed to live up to expectations at The International 2016, where, despite being the consensus favorite to win the event, they finished 9th-12th.

Moo tweeted earlier today that he had been kicked by DC, and Valve's roster registration website also showed he had left. The team confirmed he was leaving in its release. "We are very sad to see him go and wish him luck," they wrote. "He has grown so much as a player since his days with Archon and we're proud to have had him on the roster. There is most definitely a very bright future ahead for him."

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DC's release also announced that Blitz would be joining as a new coach, while Pajkatt and Loomdun will be parting ways with the team. According to the release, Pajkatt plans to resume his playing career.

William "Blitz" Lee

Blitz coached Team Liquid earlier this year, and has played for Team Dignitas and Zephyr in the past. Blitz is primarily known for his work as a caster, though he stated in a post-TI6 blog post that he was looking to take an indefinite break from casting.

Digital Chaos was founded last August after The International 5, but its current roster dates to the spring shuffle after The Shanghai Major, when team captain Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen joined along with Moo, Aliwi "w33" Omar and Martin "saksa" Sazdov. Though observers had little hope for the motley squad of Europeans playing for an NA organization, and the team initially struggled with communication and synergy problems, they shocked the Dota world to make it to the Grand Finals at TI6. Along the way, they eliminated top teams like EHOME, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses in dramatic fashion.

In the wake of TI6, it was unclear whether MiSeRy, w33 or star carry Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok would remain with the organization or accept offers from other, more well-established teams. However, with the addition of Moon and Blitz, it looks like DC intends to keep the core of its roster intact at least until the conclusion of the fall Major.

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