Evil Geniuses, OG, Team Secret decline invites to DreamLeague Season 6

by theScore Staff Oct 6 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Benjamin Cotton / DreamHack Flickr

Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and OG have decided against competing in DreamLeague Season 6 due to the proximity in time to The Boston Major.

DreamLeague announced teams set to compete in their latest season in late September, but Valve's Major date and location had not yet been announced. The Boston Major was announced two days ago, and the group stage (Dec. 3-4) is in very close proximity to the planned DreamLeague LAN Finals (Nov. 25-26).

Teams commonly boot camp somewhere in the same time zone as a Major in the days or even weeks leading up the event, but attending DreamLeague would leave less than six days between LAN events for any team trying to attend both.

Organizers have not yet commented on the departing teams or announced any replacement teams, but League Play is scheduled to start Oct. 11, in less than a week.

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