Team Secret releases statement in wake of EternalEnvy's allegations

by theScore Staff Oct 18 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team Secret

Nine days after Jacky "EternalEnvy" Mao posted a lengthy blog accusing the organization of misusing winnings and keeping players in the dark about how funds were managed, Team Secret have posted a vague statement recalling past successes and thanking players and sponsors for their commitment.

The statement does not directly reference Envy or his remarks, and is simply titled "Update." It is styled mostly as an end-of-season review of its operations.

EternalEnvy, who left the team to form his own new squad after TI6, alleged on Oct. 9, in a post that has since been removed, that Team Secret did not pay its players a regular salary for much of his time on the team, despite initial promises that they hoped to provide a salary. During months where he did receive salaried payment, Envy further alleged the amount was less than he had been verbally promised.

He also claimed that although the team agreed the players would receive full prize winnings, the organization later took a 10 percent cut of over $2 million in prizes from the past year. Envy further alleged that Secret, with his help, negotiated a streaming contract for its players with PandaTV — which led to what salary he did receive — but retained 46 percent of payments.

In its statement, Secret said it is "determined to provide [its] players with the care and support they deserve, whilst enabling them to share in the financial rewards from participating in some of the world's largest tournaments and there’s obviously a cost in providing that support." The statement does not discuss any financial specifics.

Otherwise, the closest Secret's statement comes to addressing Envy's allegations is a paragraph which refers to "some mistakes along the way," without naming any responsible party.

"Any organisation that is growing at the rate which we are, will undoubtedly make some mistakes along the way, but it’s our intention to create a professional and structured environment that enables all our players and support staff to feel engaged and share in Team Secret’s success," the statement reads.

Secret concludes with thanks to its players, sponsors, partners and fans. The organization singles out EGB, a sponsor that according EternalEnvy never paid the organization. "We greatly appreciate their strong support of the Team Secret organization and their timely payments," the statement says.

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