Moo on getting kicked from Digital Chaos, heading to Boston with coL, and the support of Mama Moo

by theScore Staff Nov 22 2016
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On Aug. 13, as a member of Digital Chaos, David "Moo" Hull placed second at The International 2016.

On August 27, Moo was removed from DC.

Since that time, Moo has joined compLexity Gaming, moved to Florida and qualified for The Boston Major. In an interview with theScore esports, Moo discussed why he was kicked from Digital Chaos, compLexity's recent performance and what he thinks of his family cheering him on.

Were you kicked from Digital Chaos?

Yeah, I was kicked. It just kinda happened, I guess.

Were you surprised by it?

A little bit. But I mean, I kinda knew it was gonna happen. I feel because like, I'm the only American on that team so there's, like, cultural differences and personality clashes.

You were the only American on a team that's based in America.

I mean, it doesn't really matter... If you're gonna kick someone, it's gonna be me if it's for the personality reason stuff, even disregarding play because I don't think it was based on my performance or anything. Like, maybe a little bit, but I don't think that's enough to kick me. I think it was more like... Americans are more confrontational than Europeans, so sometimes I would be direct... We didn't always blend, me and the rest of the team just because of the backgrounds I think. I didn't really find it a problem, but maybe it bothered them more than I thought it did so. I don't really know. We didn't fight, it was just kind of, like, sometimes I did things that bothered them.

Did you think you would get kicked after TI?

Not really, not from TI. I thought I was pretty fine, but because it was pretty far after TI. I thought if I was going to get kicked it would be right after TI, but I dunno. I don't think it was a rush decision, I don't think they planned on kicking me, it just kind of happened that way. It happens.

Were you surprised that you got second place at TI6?

Yeah I was pretty surprised. No one can really say that DC was gonna get Top 2 at TI before the event. Even during the event everyone was kind of like, 'Yeah DC placed well in the group but they're gonna get stomped in the main stage.' But... I don't know, we just pulled together when we needed to. It kinda just happened, like we need to play well and not waste our time here. We worked hard and made it happen.

So how did you join compLexity?

After I was kicked I just kinda messaged people and since it was, like, two weeks after the shuffle or whatever. Kyle was one of the only people, or compLexity, was one of the only organizations left that was still looking for players and since I'm an American it was pretty simple. I already got along well with the guys on compLexity so I kinda just asked them like, 'Hey do you need a player,' and they're like, 'Sure, why not.' It just kind of happened that way.

Did you move into the team house in Florida?

I moved in a month after I joined the team. We practiced online for a little while and once all the tournaments started happening everyone started moving in except for canceL, who was getting his visa still.

Is he still getting his visa?

He should have it after this event. He should be moved in a week after.

What's the atmosphere like on coL compared to Digital Chaos?

It's different. It's more... Like I said, since I'm with Americans now it's more relaxed I'd say. The cultural thing again is really big on a team, like how you interact with each other, things like that. On compLexity I think we're more of friends. There's like a business mode and a friend mode and when we're playing a game we're all partners and we don't care what we shout at each other, nothing's personal and stuff like that. If you played bad, you'll say you played bad, but once the work is over we go right to just being friends, having a good time and relaxing together.

DC was a little different. You're just kinda all business partners living together. I would say they were my friends at the time. It's not like I'm going to go out of my way to hang out with them and stuff you know. They're friends because it's helpful to be friends with your teammates not because we just clicked really well more to say like when I'm with compLexity we just [do]. I was always like hanging out with compLexity at events anyways so, it kinda worked out pretty well.

Since joining compLexity, what do you think of the team's performance so far?

I'm a little disappointed. I thought we would be winning these qualifiers or at least putting on more of a show but it's just, it's kinda hard with canceL not having his visa yet. Not being in the team house and then just some personality clashes with some of the other people. Sometimes we just, we don't meet eye to eye on everything in the game and out of the game, so we're still trying to find the right fit and how to work towards being good and becoming a really good team. What we want to do in the game, what we want to draft, what we want to play. So it's been a little slow but I have faith. I have faith in all my teammates still. We'll be really good in the coming days.

You managed to qualify for the biggest tournament of them all that's left in the year, The Boston Major.

It wasn't the cleanest victory, but we made it and I think it will improve us a lot even if we don't do well. I think just playing at these LAN's will make us better even if we don't do well, it's just a fact. You go to a LAN, you get better. That's just how it is, so I think after these events and with more experience and time and learning, like having an open mind about the game we'll be much happier. Having more time to practice. We haven't been able to pick all the things we wanted with one canceL having ping issues and two just not having enough time to practice everything we want to play. I still have a lot of good thoughts about this team.

At TI, your mom was in attendance wearing her Mama Moo jersey. Does she have a compLexity one?

She will, soon.

Very soon?

Yeah, she'll have one for the Boston Major.

Do you like having your family at events to cheer you on?

I didn't really know what they were doing in the stands, so when people told me that they loved my mom and stuff I didn't know what they meant. Like, I'm on the stage playing I don't know what's happening in the stands, what my mom is doing. It's kind of detached from me. She can do what she wants, I don't care. She can cheer me on, she can not cheer me on, I know she's there for me, it's nice. It feels nice when my family supports me and comes to my events.

Who do you think are the team's to beat?

Definitely Wings and EG are the top two everyone wants to beat to prove themselves. We wanna beat probably all the American teams too. When you beat teams in your own region at tournaments, with how the invites work and how tournament organizers see that, it's really important rather than beating a Chinese team. It means more to beat a team in your own region with how Dota works right now.

So that you can get an invite to another event?

Yeah. You're held at a higher standard in your region. It's more important to know how to beat your own region's teams first and then you can work towards beating other region's teams. I'd say like Team NP and FDL are really important for us to be better than.

You've played against Team NP in several qualifiers now and lost. Are they difficult to get a bead on?

They just play solid and we are, we have some inexperienced players and we probably just didn't prepare as much as they did. I wouldn't say we're worse, but they definitely had way better teamwork than we did and way better strategies. I think we can beat them towards the future [if we] keep working hard, don't get overwhelmed and keep confidence in ourselves, we'll be fine. Dota's a game of momentum. Once you start figuring yourselves out and start winning games you're gonna win everything. It just keeps rolling.

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