ppd named CEO of Evil Geniuses

by Daniel Rosen Dec 12 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / ESL One

Peter "ppd" Dager has been named CEO of the newly independent Evil Geniuses, after Twitch announced earlier today that they will no longer own an interest in the organization.

"I'm happy to finally announce EG as its own independently operating esports brand," ppd said in a press release. "Five years ago I could not imagine my life being where it is at today, but here I am. I want to thank everyone from Twitch and those here at EG for believing in me as the leader to continue to build this company."

After stepping down as captain of EG's Dota 2 roster in September, ppd became a general manager at org, overseeing their Dota 2 team as well as their Street Fighter division. With Twitch granting ownership of the team to its current and former players, ppd now takes on the role of CEO and co-owner.

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Twitch acquired the teams when it purchased GoodGame Agency in 2014, though they shut down GGA in August, just after founder Alex Garfield left the company.

EG currently fields a Dota 2 team, a Call of Duty team, a Halo team, several Street Fighter players and one inactive Super Smash Bros. Melee player. As one of the oldest and most successful orgs in North America, it has amassed a fanbase in the tens of thousands and is considered a leader in Western esports.

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