theScore esports Podcast ep. 4: Selfless Gaming owner Ryu and Beyond The Summit's Greg Laird

by Colin McNeil Mar 6 2017

0:22: Ryu on selling all-female CS:GO to Dignitas
1:30: the future of the female CS:GO scene
2:57: how Selfless finds success among esports business giants
5:54: how smaller esports orgs can survive as the scene grows
7:33: Selfless Gaming as the farm team
10:26: the esports scene in California vs. the East Coast
12:00: burnout in CS:GO
14:20: the CS:GO pro grind viewers don't see
17:30: Greg Laird from Beyond The Summit calls in
19:15: BTS' unique, chill approach to tournaments
21:35: esports fans hate ads, love memes
23:00: why BTS loves the Smash community
28:02: breaking down the cs_summit
30:31: CS:GO pros vs. Smashers vs. DOTA players — who parties harder?

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How do incoming business juggernauts like the Philadelphia 76ers navigate the world of esports? They go to guys like Selfless Gaming’s Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa.

theScore esports Podcast hosts Colin, Kyle and Ryan sat down with the Selfless team owner and CS:GO coach over Skype to talk Counter-Strike player burnout, the sale of their all-female team to Dignitas and Selfless’ status as an esports farm team. Ryu breaks down how comparatively smaller organizations like his can survive the influx of major business interests to the world of esports by becoming talent scouts and consultants.

Then it’s on to the differences between DOTA players, Smash heads and CS:GO pros (and who can destroy a beer keg faster) with Beyond The Summit’s Greg Laird. Laird shares some hilarious stories about Smash Bros. players partying at the Summit and clues us into why the unique, chill atmosphere of BTS events resonates with fans.

Colin McNeil is a supervising editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.