Universe tells the story of his worst pub experience

by theScore Staff Mar 17 2017

Ask anyone what solo queue is like, and most will agree that it can often be a nightmare to deal with. Trolls, taunting and verbal abuse happen frequently, and while professional players may appear to be above it all, they too have to endure solo queue's trials. After all, they're just like us.

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Speaking to theScore esports, Evil Geniuses offlaner Saahil "Universe" Arora revealed one such horrible pub match, which involved a very persistent Pudge who was upset that Universe picked his hero of choice.

What's the worst pub match you've had in recent memory?

OK, so, I was playing Enigma in my game, and one of my teammates felt like I stole his hero. And he just picked Pudge and followed me around the entire game. And anytime I was getting chased by the enemy, he would hook me back into them. That was the worst pub experience I've had recently.

Was that a long game? Because that sounds absolutely awful.

It was a pretty long game actually, it was like 40 minutes. He just move-clicked on me, and he was just sitting there, soaking up my experience.

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