Tips and Tricks for Dota 2 Pubs: Taking Tier 1 Towers in the early game

by theScore Staff Apr 4 2017
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The first obstacle any team has to overcome in a game of Dota are the Tier 1 Towers. Yes, they're the weakest towers in the game but they're arguably three of the most important as they set the tone in the game's early stage and their destruction dramatically changes the way a team controls the maps.

But taking those towers is easier said than done, and a poor take can be the difference between an early lead and an early loss. Keeping this in mind, here are some Do's and Don'ts for taking the T1 Towers.

Do: Decide if your team is built for an early game push

Your team's draft plays a huge role in setting the pace of the game. While it's possible to take a tower by yourself if you play it safe and take it slow, working with your team will get the job done quickly and more effectively.

If you've got a team filled with heroes who peak in the early game, such as Axe, Drow Ranger or Enchantress, feel free to go all out and push those towers down as quickly as you possibly can. But, if you've got heroes who get stronger as the game progresses, make sure to slow the push down to ensure that you have enough farm in the early stages. That doesn't mean that you should ignore the towers entirely — it just means that there's no need to rush your win.

Don't: Take the opponent's offlane tower too early

Regardless of what strategy your team decides to go with, the opposing team's offlane tower, which is located in your safe lane, should not be the first tower that your team takes. The safe lane is named as such for a reason, as it is easier for the carry to maneuver and secure farm than in any other lane.

Destroying your opponents' T1 tower changes that. While it does allow for greater map control in that area, the changing creep equilibrium means that the lane is no longer easy to farm, removing a stable source of income once the tower falls. So don't be afraid to let the carry farm the lane for the first 15 minutes or so, as that farm can be used to great effect when the early game ends.

Do: Follow up with aggressive warding and jungling

The biggest benefit to taking the T1 Towers is expanding your team's control over the map. For example. without a T1 mid lane tower, the enemy will have more difficulty approaching Roshan. No T1 safe lane tower reduces the control over their jungle and makes it more difficult for them to farm safely.

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But if you want to truly maximize an early T1 Tower take, advance into their side and start warding as much as you can. Ward the jungle, both so you can better see their movements and so you can effectively counter jungle. A T1 tower is the first line of defence, and with it gone, it opens up weaknesses that should be exploited to further your lead.

Don't: Expect to take the tower down in one push

Unless the game has passed the 40 minute mark and a T1 Tower is still standing, it is more likely that a tower will go down after a series of successive pushes instead of falling in one fell swoop. Remember, the more aggressive you are in attacking the tower and pushing the lane, the greater the chance that your opponent will push back hard. And if you're dead, there's not much you can do except watch as your opponent pushes the lane and grabs the momentum from your cold, temporarily dead hands.

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