Custom Game Roundup: Overthrow

by theScore Staff Apr 20

Custom Game Roundup is your weekly highlight of the best (and weirdest) custom games in Overwatch, Dota 2 and more.

When it comes to Dota 2 custom games, there is one game mode that stands above all the others in terms of popularity: Overthrow. It ditches the objective-based gameplay and multiple lanes that are present in a normal game of Dota 2 in favor of focusing on the one thing that every player can appreciate: getting as many kills as quickly as possible.

Get to know the Maps

While Overthrow is one custom game mode, it features several different maps with unique team compositions for each. The current list of maps, as well as their objective and format, are as follows:

Map Teams Kill Goal
Forest Free for all 25
Desert 2v2v2v2v2 30
Mines 3v3v3 30
Temple 4v4v4v4 50
Desert Quintuple 5v5v5 50

While each map features its own unique layout, there are common features between all of them. The most prominent piece of terrain across all maps is the Midas Throne, which provides faster gold and experience gains if you are near it.

From time to time, an NPC on top of the Midas Throne, known as the Over Boss, will throw out coins that can be picked up for a sizable gold boost. As well, items are randomly delivered to specific locations on the map, with a higher quality item being delivered to poorly performing teams.

Tips & Tricks: How to win Overthrow

Nukers are king

In a regular game of Dota, your team needs to strike a careful balance between high damage, farm heavy heroes, and supports who can assist and initiate fights for your team. In Overthrow, that setup goes out the window, as teams often consist solely of nukers like Queen of Pain, Leshrac, Slark and Witch Doctor.

High damage, low cooldown abilities are essential to winning Overthrow, particularly if you are playing in free-for-all. While the occasional utility hero, like Earth Spirit, can set up kills for your team, killing opponents quickly is your number one priority.

Hug the Midas Throne in the early game

When Overthrow begins, few heroes will be able to reliably obtain kills and gold unless one of your opponents has no clue what they're doing. So do yourself a favor and watch the throne.

Harnessing the Midas touch won't be as important later in the game, as it becomes easier to secure more gold and experience through killing enemy heroes. But if you can control the area around the Midas Throne, you'll be able to gain that early edge that can carry your team through to the end.

Kill steal as much as you can

Remember, Overthrow only counts kills, so it's essential that you and your team attempt to steal kills from opposing teams. If two enemy players from different opposing teams are duking it out on the side of the map, feel free to jump in and try to take one or both of them out when they've used up their resources and their health is low. It might not be nice, but there ain't nothin' nice about Overthrow.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.