Tips and Tricks for Pubs: Jungling the Dire side

by theScore Staff May 2 2017
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The Dire side, who historically held a jungle advantage due to the position of camps and objectives, have seen a number of dramatic changes as a result of 7.00. The Dire doesn't have as easy access to Roshan as they did before, they have fewer ward hills than Radiant, and have a much harder time in setting up camp pulls than their opponent.

But all is not lost. To help gain an advantage for the Dire, here are some Do's and Don'ts of jungling the Dire side.

Do: Seriously, know your pull timers

The most important information that any jungler should know is the pull timers on their side's camps in order to ensure optimal creep stacking. It's not too much to ask, is it?

In the primary jungle, the small camp and the westernmost medium camp and hard camps have a pull time of 0:55, the easternmost hard card camp pulls at 0:54, while the easternmost medium and ancient camp should be pulled around 0:53. In the Dire's secondary jungle, the medium camp pulls at 0:53, the ancient camp at 0:54, and the hard camp at 0:55.

Don't: Assume you have Roshan advantage

With the changes to 7.00, the Dire side no longer holds an advantage over Roshan. There's no more easy access to Roshan from the Dire, no more jumping in from the nearby cliffs to ambush the Radiant during an attempt, and no more easily placed wards that can spot the enemy approaching the pit from a mile away. Roshan is anyone's game now, and it's wise for the Dire to remember that.

But that doesn't mean that the Dire have a disadvantage. Roshan's ward spots, while common in their placement, do provide adequate vision of the Radiant's path to the beast. Furthermore, the Dire's closest access point to Roshan's pit is almost directly next to a Shrine, providing a great location to retreat to should things go south. While the Dire won't be able to dominate Roshan as they did before, they will still be able to put pressure on one of the most critical objectives in the game.

Do: Ward around mid as much as you can

Thanks to the new map layout, the Dire side has a number of advantages the closer you get to mid compared to the Radiant. The Shrine is extremely close to the T1 mid tower which, coupled with the Ancient camp, makes it easier and more profitable for the mid laner to take a jaunt into the jungle than the Radiant. Happily, that area is also where the mid lane will frequently be ganked in the early game, so a ward in that area will ensure that your mid laner can perform his role properly and without fear.

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The close proximity that many of the Dire neutral creep camps have to the mid lane means that much of late game jungling will inevitably involve crossing through mid to reach them, and as such should be warded more the later a game goes. Fortunately, there are a number of good locations where wards can be placed, though they should optimally not be placed on the ward hills to reduce their chance of detection.

Don't: Get too greedy in the primary jungle

The Radiant do have a harder time defending their primary jungle due to the ease with which a Dire player can access it, particularly once the T1 mid lane tower falls. The mid lane, safe lane and river entrance are also easy to enter as a Dire jungler, and provide ample space for them to counter jungle to their heart's content. But, it is also easier for Radiant players to jump to the defense of their primary jungle as a result of its proximity to their lanes, which makes it more dangerous to gank.

By comparison, the Dire's primary jungle is far safer to farm, as the Dire have more easily wardable and defensible locations, particularly along the stretch of river nearest the Radiant T1 off lane tower. It is for that very reason, however, that a Dire player should be cautious in their primary jungle. While safe to farm, there will be little in the way of help arriving if a Radiant player can ambush you inside of it, especially if you're not playing attention to who's in the top lane. It's imperative that you farm the jungle as much as possible, but do be aware of the map so that you don't end up with a one way ticket back to spawn.

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