Team NP banned from DreamLeague for one year after withdrawing from Season 7

by theScore Staff May 23 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team NP

Team NP have been banned from DreamLeague for one year after dropping out of Season 7, according to a statement from DreamHack. Their spot will go to Brazilian team SG esports.

Team NP were invited to Season 7 in February after withdrawing from DreamLeague Season 6 in November, but told the organization they would drop out of the event to play in another tournament after accepting their invitation. According to DreamHack, the ban is "based on the pattern of behaviour" shown by the team dropping out two seasons in a row.

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"For Season 7 we had a talk with Team NP in February about their withdrawal in Season 6 and we jointly decided to let the past be and move forward," they said in a statement.

"They accepted our invite to Season 7 in mid February and we received word from them just two weeks ago that they will drop out of DreamLeague to play another event. So the one year ban for Team NP is based on the pattern of behaviour they dropped out in Season 6 and now Season 7."

Team NP has seen some big changes since their 9-12th finish at the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships, replacing Theeban "1437" Siva and Avery "SVG" Silverman with Adrian "FATA-" Trinks and Johan "pieliedie" Åström.

Team NP are set to compete in Manila Masters May 25-28 and qualified for DOTA Summit 7 in June.

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