Custom Game Roundup: Dota 2's Epic Boss Fight

by theScore Staff Jul 6
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Custom Game Roundup is your weekly highlight of the best (and weirdest) custom games in Overwatch, Dota 2 and more.

The best custom modes often ditch the competitive aspect of their parent games and focus more on cooperative play, and Epic Boss Fight in Dota 2 is no exception.

Instead of heading down lanes to farm creeps and eventually try to destroy the enemy Ancient, Epic Boss Fight places you in an arena alongside a handful of allies to fight against a series of increasingly powerful enemies.

The only thing standing between you and victory are bosses with more than 10,000,000 HP, abilities that can instantly kill you or disable health regeneration, and other incredibly overpowered shenanigans.

Now don't panic. New items and upgrades have been added to the game in order to give you a fighting chance against some of these OP enemies.

Epic Boss Fight is a challenging game mode that tests both your knowledge of Dota 2 heroes and your ability to work together as a team. It remains one of the most popular custom games to play in Dota 2.

The Game

The goal in Epic Boss Fight is simple: Defeat a horde of bosses that come at you and your team one at a time. You'll level up, gather gold, and buy and upgrade items throughout the game in order to deal with the progressively harder bosses. Sounds simple, right?

The challenge lies in the increasing strength of said bosses. While an early enemy may have no skills or special abilities at all, some of the later bosses are immune to certain kinds of damage, can pierce spell immunity, and otherwise ruin your run in the blink of an eye. Much of the fun in Epic Boss Fight comes from overcoming these insane challenges, and it's what drives people to play this mode again and again.

Epic Boss Fight comes with four difficulties to choose from: Normal, Hard, Impossible and Challenger. For newcomers, it's best to practice and play on normal, which features a fountain players can retreat to, before trying one of the other difficulties. Hard is the most commonly played mode, providing an increased challenge while still being relatively achievable to complete in a public game.

A typical game of Epic Boss Fight will be played with anywhere from 4 to 7 players, with the heroes they pick fulfilling different roles. Think of it like a boss fight in an MMO. Heroes like Centaur Warrunner and Dragon Knight are tanks with high health, while heroes such as Shadow Fiend and Skywrath Mage embody physical and magical DPS respectively. A third class of hero, utility heroes, are used for characters that don't fit into the above two categories.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure you have a good team composition

Believe it or not, having a balanced team composed of a pair of tanks, a handful of different kinds of DPS and a utility hero is the best way to win in Epic Boss Fight. You wouldn't try to clear a dungeon in World of Warcraft with a team of five tanks. The same principle applies in Epic Boss Fight.

So if your team is missing a utility hero, do yourself and your group a favor and don't pick yet another DPS. Grab an Io or Dazzle instead.

Buy Force Bootsno matter what hero you play

Force Boots increase your movement speed and can push you forward in the direction you are facing, and are absolutely essential to surviving Epic Boss Fight. It is the best mobility item in this mode, and will allow you to escape and mobs with ease. And if you're looking to draw enemies away from your allies' gravestones in order to revive them, there is no better item to kite with than a pair of Force Boots.

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