theScore esports Podcast on the Overwatch League, geolocation in esports and LoL's 'sensual pleasures'

by Daniel Rosen, Josh Bury Aug 14

Podcast video topics and time stamps:

0:00 - No punching allowed in the podcast room
3:33 - On the two new Overwatch League spots in London and Los Angeles
10:28 - Where could the the next OWL spots be developed?
20:07 - Why teams move locations in esports
27:57 - The continuing move towards franchising the NA LCS
39:09 - "I believe you mean sensual pleasures"
41:59 - In which everyone doesn't pick Team Liquid to win The International 2017
44:22 - Crowdfunding and the future of The International

In this week of theScore esports podcast, news editors Josh Bury and Daniel Rosen, alongside everyone's favorite camera operator Ryan Stratton, discuss the two new Overwatch League spots, geolocation in esports, and how crowdfunding will affect The International going forward.

They also discuss "sensual pleasures" and FaZeberries, though not at the same time.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.