Infographic: The International 2017 by the numbers

by theScore Staff Aug 15 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore

Another TI has come and gone, and while Team Liquid were the ones walking away with the Aegis, everyone involved in Dota 2's biggest tournament left Seattle with much fatter pockets.

To relieve parts of the 10-day tournament, we've compiled some of the coolest statistics that best highlight The International 2017.

The longest game at the event was iG.Vitality's two-hour plus bout against Team Empire, while the shortest was Evil Genius' 15-minute stomping of Fnatic in the group stage.

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While narrowly missed out on making the Top 4, the team's carry, Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev, was the event's most dangerous player with a 7.47 KDA across 24 matches.

Additionally, Earthshaker was the most picked hero at the event and was played 71 times with a 60.56 win percentage while Night Stalker was the most banned with 108 bans and a 50.93 win percentage for teams that did ban him out.

An earlier version of this infographic said that the longest game at the event was between iG.Vitality and Evil Geniuses. iG.Vitality's opponent that game was actually Team Empire. theScore esports regrets the error.

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