This Week in Gaming: Street Fighter kicks, Worlds technical issues and J.Lo enters esports

by Sasha Erfanian Sep 29 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Capcom/Diesel

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We Like...

J.Lo (and others) invest in NRG

Say what you will about the competitive credentials of NRG, but no one can deny that the Shaq-owned org knows how to use star power. Not only did they announce the roster of their San Francisco based Overwatch League team last night, they used high profile new investors Jennifer Lopez, Marshawn Lynch and Michael Strahan to do it.

Seriously, Jennifer Lopez, the woman who brought us Maid in Manhattan and If You Had My Love, is now involved in an esports team. What a strange and wonderful time in which we live.

OpTic enters Dota

OpTic Gaming doesn't do things halfway. The Green Wall might have been built in the CoD scene, but the organization expanded into CS:GO in 2016 to distinct success.

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Now—just a week after getting a slot in the Overwatch League—they've jumped into Dota 2 with one hell of a stacked roster. Seriously, between Peter "ppd" Dager, and Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen this roster reads like the Avengers.

However, they wouldn't be the first Dota roster to bomb out after getting signed by a big name sponsor.

We Don't Like...

Worlds technical issues

Another year, another series of technical screw-ups at Worlds. Maybe the issues weren't because of the infrastructure available in China, as Riot says. Nonetheless, if they're going to act like Worlds is the Olympics and expect us to watch it for six weeks, the least they can do is make sure that pausing the game too much doesn't break it.

We're Unsure Of...

Is the new Dota pro circuit too much too fast?

Next month, the new Dota Pro Circuit will launch with the StarLadder Minor in Ukraine. With 11 Majors and 16 Minors slated in the first year of the format, there will be more high-level Dota 2 to watch than ever before.

However, some worry that the overabundance of events might ultimately have a negative impact on the scene. Former Dota pro and North sporting director Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen stopped by our podcast to talk about the issue, saying that

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"The schedule is almost as insane as a baseball schedule. It's almost playing everyday for eight months straight," he said. "On the surface, this was a dream come true. Oh this is great, amazing, we've been asking for this for a long time. But when you think about it, first of all it dilutes the product. There are so many games going on, who's playing where, which tournaments are important."

Now, personally I'm a believer in the pro circuit. I think the Western Dota scene has suffered for a lack of regular competition and that the money on display more than makes up for the added pressure.

Then again, Maelk actually did compete professionally and understands the stress and rigours of constant travel and practice far better than I do. Either way, we should all reserve our judgement until the season actually starts.

We Want...

Super-fresh Street Fighter V sneakers

Want to show off your Birdie-main pride? Diesel and Capcom have got your large, leather-clad back with a line of special Street Fighter V kicks from Diesel themed after some of your favorite characters.

Sadly, the lineup only includes Season 1 characters, so Urien fans will have to wait before getting the perfect shoes to go with their 1990s club promoter outfit and/or '80s bodybuilding thong.

Abigail lovers—all two of you—can just pick up something at the dump, as your favorite character literally does.

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