Pay-2-Win: Dota 2's most expensive wards

by theScore Staff Oct 5
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve

There's nothing worse than getting stuck with noobs who don't know how to ward, or how not to feed.

Be a beacon of guidance for these poor players and show them how cool warding is with these hella expensive ward skins currently on the Steam Market.

Autographed Obelisk of Foresight - $92.01

Bearing the autograph of Singaporean caster Lim "Lysander Xonora" Lyn-Feng, the Obelisk of Foresight Ward Skin really puts the "vision" in vision ward (because it has so many eyes.)

Originally released in the Treasure of the Endless Gaze pack along with the "Franglerfish Watcher" and "Spying Toadstool," 10 percent of proceeds went towards the prize pool of ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Corrupted Enchanted Vision - $97.00

Specifically built for Enchantress one-tricks, what better way to show allegiance to your centaur waifu than with a wooden eye on a stick with a heart and a squirrel on it?

So long as you don't mind spending the better part of a C-note on it.

Corrupted Black Pool Watcher - $98.87

Themed after everyone's favorite frozen skeleton mage Lich, the Corrupted Black Pool Watcher is currently available for $98.87.

Really its best quality is that it can take a "Lich"-ing and keep on ticking.

Corrupted Stone Bound Watcher - $101.26

Available from the special edition Sculptor's Monument treasure from the TI4 gift shop, the Stone Bound Watcher is themed after Visage, the "Bound Form of Necro'lic" and is suitably somber for a character that's essentially the God of Death.

However, $101.26 is certainly a "Dire" price to pay for it.

Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.