theScore esports Daily (Jan. 22): Tigers claim Dendi as their fifth, Street Fighter Pro League comes to North America and Tempo Storm part ways with Pierce7d

by Dimitri Pascaluta Jan 22 2019
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Tigers claim Dendi as their fifth

Tigers have claimed that legendary Dota player Danil "Dendi" Ishutin has joined their roster as the fifth and final member.

However, Natus Vincere, the Ukrainian powerhouse Dendi famously represented for nearly eight years, says otherwise.

Given that Dendi is still under contract, Na'Vi said in a tweet, his stint with Tigers technically qualifies as a stand-in. That said, the organization made clear in the comment section of their Facebook post that, should Dendi wish to sign with Tigers, they would oblige.

If Dendi were to transfer to Tigers, it would mark the first time that he's signed with an organization that isn't Na'Vi since 2010.

The other members of Tigers' roster include Theeban "1437" Siva, Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung, David "Moonmander" Tan and Kenny "Xepher" Deo.

Street Fighter Pro League arrives in North America

The Street Fighter Pro League, a new, team-based tournament series, is coming to North America according to an announcement by Capcom on Tuesday.

The event will pit six teams-of-three against one another over the course of two seasons. Each team will include a captain chosen from the top ranked players on the CPT 2018 North American leaderboards.

The second slot of each team will be filled by the winner of an online qualifier, and the third will be subject to a community-wide vote. There will be a draft at the beginning of the season in which captains will have to select their two teammates.

The league will also introduce a character ban, as well as a rule necessitating that each player on a team play a different character than their teammates.

The event will give North American players a chance to compete outside of the Capcom Pro Tour, and is being touted as somewhat experimental.

"We’ll be paying close attention to fan feedback," said Capcom employee Michael "Bizarro Mike" Martin, "to incorporate it into future seasons of the League."

Tempo Storm kick ZeRo's coach following allegations of sexual misconduct

Tempo Storm has dropped Daniel "Pierce7d" Seraphin as Smasher Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios' coach, the organization announced on Tuesday.

Pierce's departure comes in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct.

But, the decision to leave was his, Pierce claimed in a statement, and it stemmed from his desire to remain "in the thick of [Smash Ultimate's] competitive action."

"I still support ZeRo and Tempo Storm in everything they do," he went on to say, "but, while I may collaborate with them in the future, I will be moving on to other projects and opportunities."

"I worked with Pierce for a long time and thought I knew him," ZeRo said in a statement on Twitter. "But only after signing was done did people close to me make me aware of the extent of his past actions."

Pierce has yet to announce any future plans.

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