Advertisement win DreamLeague Season 3 after defeating Na'Vi 3-2

by Connor Dunn Jun 15 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dota 2 defeated Na'Vi 3-2 in one of the most intense series of Dota 2 this year. Despite some impressive plays from Na`Vi's Sonneiko, the MVP of the series was G who carried his team to victory.

The first two games were fairly one sided in favor of VP however Na'Vi miraculously came back from the brink of defeat in Game 3 after trailing in kills 14-3 by the 17 minute mark.

Game 5 was a 70 minute long epic game that saw both teams show a performance worthy of the Grand Finals.

Na'Vi put up one hell of a fight but in the end it just wasn't enough. became the DreamLeague Season 3 Champions and took home $54,771.

Game 1

The early game was surprisingly uneventful considering how aggressive both teams were in their previous winner’s final match.

Finally however things picked up with multiple skirmishes mid lane. Most resulting team fights favored VP however Na’Vi were creating space for XBOCT’s Anti-Mage to free farm bottom lane.

A quick smoke gank from VP picked off the enemy Earthshaker and secured the first Roshan of the game for the Russian team.

VP continued their net worth lead with Fng’s Shadow Shaman pushing down all of the outer towers. Instead of focusing on shutting down XBOCT, VP’s fast push left almost no room for the Ukrainian carry to farm.

The Russian team continued to push and managed to break the mid lane high ground at the 22 minute mark thanks to G’s Bristleback tanking while Fng’s Serpent Wards did the real damage.

Na’Vi tried to chase their opponent’s out of the base however it resulted in further disappointment. XBOCT was over aggressive in trying to bring down G and with such a high Bloodstone count, Illidan’s Leshrac was able to rejoin the fight immediately and pick up a triple kill.

The game ended just before the 32 minute mark with a 26-9 kill score in favor of VP.

Game 2

Na’Vi respected their opponent’s mid game team fight potential by playing defensively and prioritizing map vision in Game 2.

Dendi’s Shadow Fiend completely lost mid, allowing G’s Leshrac to control the mid game and lead in net worth. The Russian carry set up several team fight engagements and was able to survive through XBOCT’s Omnislash with a Eul’s Scepter.

During a team fight bottom, Dendi managed to turn the tide of the battle with a great Requiem of Souls. Although he was about to die to G’s Leshrac, a timely Black King Bar pickup would allow him to survive and force his opponent to suicide.

Unable to compete with VP’s team fight, Na’Vi tried to come back in net worth by taking Roshan — even with an extra life, they couldn't stop the constant aggression of VP.

Na’Vi went for one last desperate Roshan attempt and while they did manage to take the kill and the Aegis, VP was in position to quickly wipe their opponent’s and end the game just after the 30 minute mark.

Game 3

VP wasn’t phased by Na’Vi’s last pick Broodmother as they secured a quick first blood on Funn1k. Although their tri-lane was not necessarily equipped to counter Broodmother, their early start along with several Sentry Wards were enough to completely zone out and shut her down.

The rest of the early game was a complete stomp with VP going 14-3 in kills by the 17 minute mark. Special mention goes to Lil’s Rubick who stole several key spells such as Fissure and Stampede.

G won his mid lane against Dendi once again but this time with Lina due to his Leshrac being banned immediately by Na’Vi.

Na’Vi desperately tried to come back in net worth by farming the enemy jungle. This ended up being disastrous as VP smoked up and wiped out the intruders.

Despite their massive net worth lead, VP over extended into Na’Vi’s mid tier 1 tower and lost their first team fight. Dendi landed several impressive Razes that allowed them to take a 4-for-0 trade.

Na’Vi kept their tournament hopes alive with Sonneiko’s massive four-man Echo Slam that resulted in a five-man team wipe.

From then on, the game was in the bag for the Ukranian squad — they won Game 3 by the 42 minute mark in what was an epic comeback.

Game 4

Na’Vi had a great early game against VP’s Drow/Visage oriented draft — with the way Drow Ranger scales into the late game, things were only going to get worse for the Russian squad.

Although Dendi was caught off guard by Fng’s Invisible Earthshaker, he was able to quickly catch up in farm and get a decently timed 17 minute Bloodstone.

The game took a decisive turn in favor of Na’Vi around the first Roshan. VP contested before Roshan was taken however Na’Vi’s superior team fight coordination allowed them to win the team fight and clean up Roshan.

With Aegis in hand, XBOCT’s Lycanthrope used Shapeshift and pushed through mid lane, securing an ultra kill.

Na’Vi won every single team fight from then on and closed the game out at the 36 minute mark with over a 30k net worth lead.

Game 5

Na’Vi’s draft was heavily reliant upon magic damage which naturally falls off the later the game goes on; this was especially true with Dendi’s early game Puck.

After winning the early game, VP focused on building tank oriented items such as Mekansm and Vanguard. Even though Na’Vi did more damage in team fights, the Russian team was able to out-sustain their opponents.

Na’Vi kept their championship hopes alive however with an amazing team fight victory.

Even with this incredible initiation, VP managed to take out three of Na’Vi’s heroes before being completely team wiped.

Na’Vi executed yet another perfect team fight before securing the third Roshan.

With Aegis and Cheese, Na’Vi felt confident enough to go on the offensive. This would not work out however as they over extended and decisively lost a team fight near the enemy tier 2 tower.

Both teams played extremely cautiously from this point as they waited for the next Roshan. Na'Vi conceded Roshan and focused on making one last stand at their high ground.

With another Aegis, VP pushed through and won the final game. Even though Na’Vi played extremely well, no amount of team fight coordination could stand up against G’s insanely farmed Shadow Fiend.

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