s4 says Team Secret is scared of a patch before TI5

by Daniel Rosen Jun 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore eSports

Fresh off his fourth major tournament win in a row at ESL ONE Frankfurt , Team Secret's captain, Gustav “s4” Magnusson, is looking ahead to The International 5, but he says his team's dominating streak has something to fear.

“We're very scared of if there will be another patch coming out before TI5 and they look at this tournament,” s4 told Red Bull's Chris Higgins in an interview. “Let's say we win with three heroes we pick every game. Teams can't afford banning heroes against us right now because we have too many, but will they actually nerf some of those heroes we love to play? That's what we're scared of, and that's why we're holding out a little bit in this tournament and not just going all out.”

In their second game against Fnatic at ESL ONE Frankfurt, after the interview, Team Secret made an explosive play by drafting Techies, a hero that's only been picked four times this season.

s4 also had some thoughts on the team's current momentum, after months without a first-place win.

“What I told my team – we lost a lot of tournaments where we didn't take first, but got second or third – and I told our team whenever we get this, when we get our first win, we're going to just keep on rolling,” he said.

“So, as seen, after we won Red Bull the mentality of the team just changed and we played better when it mattered, in the finals. I think we could keep the streak going if we stay focused.”

But despite their commanding victory at ESL One Frankfurt 2015, s4 still said that Secret isn't quite ready for TI5.

“I feel like all the good teams are in this tournament, maybe there's one I'm forgetting right now,” he said. “I know LGD are kind of strong and they will be strong against us, that's what I feel. Nothing is assured when it comes to TI, it's still one month away so we've gotta be way more prepared than we are now.”

Daniel Rosen is a writer for the Score eSports. You can follow him on twitter @Daniel_Rosen.