Vici Gaming eliminate EHOME with 2-0 victory

by Connor Dunn Aug 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve, EHOME, Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming continued their undefeated run through the playoffs with an easy 2-0 victory over EHOME. Despite their poor group stage performance they are currently 7-0 on the main stage.

EHOME are now eliminated from The International 2015 in 5-6th place while Vici Gaming are guaranteed at least top 4 and ~$1,500,000.

Interesting to note is EHOME picked Rubick in both games in order to take it away from the one of best Rubick players in the world, fy.

Game 1

Game 1 started out with the classic Gyrocopter against Luna matchup. Super’s surprise Pugna turned out to be highly effective and was able to dominate mid lane with the help of his supports.

Although EHOME lost all three lanes early on, LaNm’s Naga Siren was very efficient at stacking all three jungle camps at once with Illusions. These would later be farmed up by Cty’s Lina who desperately needed farm.

Vici Gaming quickly turned on the aggression and pushed down all of the outer towers with Pugna’s Nether Blast. They broke EHOME’s high ground by the 19 minute mark and soon after took the top lane of Barracks.

The game slowed down considerably after this however. Because Hao rushed Black King Bar first, his spell immunity duration was already at five seconds which made pushing the other lanes of Barracks extremely difficult. Additionally, EHOME’s stellar high ground defense allowed them to slightly come back in terms of net worth.

After a long and drawn out late game, Vici Gaming finally were able to finish what they started. Despite a Refresher on Cty’s Lina, Hao was able to lifesteal his health back in between Laguna Blade's with his Satanic.

Game 2

Hao’s Anti-Mage was off to a great start in Game 2 — free farm top lane plus a kill on Yang’s Gyrocopter meant a quick Battle Fury timing for Vici’s carry player. Even though he was caught out of position, Hao made sure to use up his unreliable gold by purchasing his Manta Style recipe just before he died.

Cty’s Storm Spirit traded evenly with Super mid lane but Vici pulled ahead with a successful counter gank bottom. Although Anti-Mage and Winter Wyvern were picked off, fy’s Static Storm into Super’s Sonic Wave/Scream of Pain combo absolutely wrecked EHOME.

The game equalized with Vici Gaming over extending. Even with Aegis, Vici Gaming’s team fight and spell coordination was a mess. Especially Hao’s Anti-Mage who failed to make use of his massive net worth lead. They immediately tried to attack again and failed once more — with this second botched team fight, EHOME took the lead.

Things started to favor Vici Gaming once more however when Hao picked up an Abysall Blade. With the extra form of lock down, Vici took several team fights, secured map control and took Roshan.

With Aegis on Hao, Vici Gaming closed out the series 2-0 with a 20k net worth lead.

Connor Dunn is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.