old chicken and KaKa register on EHOME

by Dennis Gonzales Sep 1 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EHOME

Hu "KaKa" Liangzhi and Wang "old chicken" Zhiyong have registered on EHOME, according to the official Dota 2 Majors registration website.

KaKa was the support player for HyperGloryTeam, while old chicken was the mid laner for Energy Pacemaker Gaming. Both teams are now down a player. Also joining EHOME is Yang "eLeVeN" Wei Ren, who played in the offlane for now-defunct Immortal Magneto Gaming.

Regarding the rest of the EHOME members, Zhang "LaNm" Zhichen remains on the roster, as does Chen "Cty" Tianyu, but he was on loan from Team DK. As for Yang "YJ" Pu, he is no longer on the team. He has registered on Vici Gaming's roster according to the official Dota 2 Majors registration website.

With the departure of YJ, this leaves EHOME without a designated carry player. Assuming there are no more roster changes for the team, this means they will be forced to change up their player roles.

No official announcement has been made yet from EHOME.

Dennis Gonzales is a Toronto eSports writer who enjoys whiskey, Dungeon & Dragons and first-picking Timbersaw Windranger Abaddon Slardar. You can follow him on Twitter.