Cloud9's Dota 2 team disbands

by Daniel Rosen Nov 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Cloud9

Cloud9 has dissolved its Dota 2 team following Theeban "1437" Siva's move to Digital Chaos, the organization announced Friday.

Cloud9 picked up this roster of players in September, when they were known as Team Dark Horse. Before 1437 left, the team already dismissed Ravi "Ritsu" Kodippili from its lineup due to "past indiscretions" and poor behavior.

"Although we were consistently pleased to see the team's progress from event to event, the days preceding and following The Frankfurt Major took a major toll on the morale and stability of the roster," C9 stated in its press release. "The search for Ritsu's replacement proved to be a daunting task as the team explored the options available to them both local and abroad."

C9 was knocked out of the Frankfurt Major by Alliance in the first lower bracket round after finishing the group stage with a 1-2 record. Their press release states that following their early elimination, they were approached by Digital Chaos about 1437.

"My time with Cloud9 was one of the best times of my life. From Jack and Danan to every one of my teammates, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this organization," 1437 said in the press release. "I had intended for this chapter of my life to last longer, but due to some unforeseeable complications, it was cut short. I am confident the rest of my teammates will not encounter too many issues while finding a new home for their DOTA2 careers after their exemplary performance these past months."

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