Final four Game Show GEC finalists decided

by theScore Staff Dec 2 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Game Show League

The final four teams that will compete at the Game Show Global Elite Cup Season 1 Grand Finals at DreamHack Moscow have been decided.

After the conclusion of the three day LAN group stage in Vilnius, Lithuania, 4 Clovers & Lepricon, Team Empire, Vega Squadron and MVP have moved on to DreamHack Moscow.

The full group stage bracket is as follows:

Team Matches (W-T-L) Points
4 Clovers & Lepricon 4-0-1 12
Team Empire 2-2-1 8
Vega Squadron 2-1-2 7
MVP 1-3-1 6
No Logic Gaming 0-3-2 3
compLexity Gaming 0-3-2 3

4 Clovers & Lepricon had a phenomenal run during the group stage, sweeping every team except Team Empire. Empire themselves had a strong run despite fielding two stand-ins, though the same could not be said about compLexity Gaming and their stand-in.

MVP's team, a combination of their Phoenix and HOT6ix rosters, have edged out at well; they pulled off a 2-0 upset over Vega Squadron, securing Top 4.

The finals will take place at DreamHack: Moscow from Dec. 5-6.

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