Evil Geniuses defeat 3-2, win The Summit 4

by theScore Staff Dec 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Beyond the Summit Twitch

It almost looked like's pain train was going to mow down Evil Geniuses in The Summit 4 Grand Final, as they got off to a quick 2-0 lead. Luckily for EG, this final was a best-of-five series and they managed to pull off the coveted reverse sweep with very well executed Game 3, 4 and 5 wins.

With the 3-2 win, Evil Geniuses become the winners of The Summit 4 and the first two-time Summit Champions.

Here's how the games played out.

Game 1's early game was reminiscent of their past few matches where they jumped out to early leads. But this time Evil Geniuses held on and caught up to even the kills by the 15 minute mark.

A big dive by in the mid lane ended in a three-for-none trade, and even baited Fear's buyback which put him even further away from his already late Blink Dagger. Lil's Spirit Breaker was a threat all over the map which caused EG to play defensively.

VP secured themselves an Aegis and kept up the aggression, using the second life on G's Shadow Fiend to take the middle melee barracks. EG bought back on Universe's Doom to secure three kills on VP as they retreated, but they still had plenty of work ahead of them to catch up.

The middle barracks were finished off after some more pick-offs and VP looked to wait for the next Aegis before engaging. But EG pounced on them in the top lane. It resulted in another bad trade for EG and with a second set of barracks likely to fall as a result, they called GG.

Game 2

It was an easy 17% for DkPhobos' Spirit Breaker to start the game. A first hit bash led to First Blood for, though the offlaner was killed immediately by a rotation from Arteezy's Gyrocopter.

EG wiped out VP when they came to defend Lil's Visage and their Tier 1 tower top, making it the first time was not in the lead in the early game for several games in a row.

Despite the wipe, VP didn't slow down and re-took control of the game with their quick ability to kill Roshan. They finished off the bottom barracks very quickly and by the 23 minute mark they had also taken down half of the middle barracks. EG chased them out of their base and almost wiped them, but couldn't capitalize. were waiting for Roshan, but EG wanted to fight. The fight broke out in the Radiant jungle but EG weren't prepared for the wombo-combo. Four EG heroes were caught in a Static Storm, hit by a Charge of Darkness and finally Requiemed for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it five man wipe. EG immediately called GG.

Game 3

Carry Visage, support Ogre Magi, was an odd draft from when they find themselves already at tournament point in Game 3. EG took an early game lead with three unanswered kills in the first three minutes. started the train rolling with a 12 minute Roshan followed by a kill on Arteezy's Gyrocopter, stealing the Radiant ancient stack and taking out the Tier 1 tower mid. EG were suddenly on the back foot again.

G's Shadow Fiend was caught alone in the bottom lane and EG piled on him, taking out his Aegis and killing him a second time. This gave them a multi-hero Track kill giving them a much needed boost. were outmaneuvered in the middle lane when they tried to push the Tier 2, losing four and their entire net worth lead. EG took the Tier 1 tower mid before backing off. They then found Fng's Ancient Apparition in the Dire jungle and seized his newly purchased Gem of True Sight.

The second Roshan went to as SumaiL's Templar Assassin took the Tier 2 tower top. VP pushed in the top lane and took the Tier 2 uncontested but when they tried to go uphill they lost four, only killing EG's Gyrocopter.

When the third Roshan respawned, VP were waiting by the pit for a fight. EG happily obliged and took four kills and quickly set up to push the bottom lane.

EG pushed into the Dire base for the second time and dove deep for VP's heroes. They wiped them with a fountain dive, then G bought back, hoping to catch the low health TA running out of his base. TA remained just out of his reach and SF died a second time. VP waited to respawn for one last fight but got wiped yet again and called GG.

Game 4

First Blood went to SumaiL's Ember Spirit in the middle lane, but fng's Ancient Apparition got the counter kill when Ember didn't back off quickly enough. EG began to take control of the game with good movements around the map by Arteezy's Gyrocopter. got a pretty good teamfight around the 17 minute mark. They lost their cores, but took several kills thanks to Silent's newly purchased Rod of Atos.

With a newly picked up Aegis on Shadow Fiend, VP tried to take the aggression to EG around the Radiant's mid Tier 1 tower. They killed Gyro with the initiation but he bought back and they lost the Aegis and four heroes to the huge damage coming out of Gyro and Ember.

EG steadily took towers and barracks while VP was forced watched. ppd's Dazzle picked up a Lotus Orb at the 38 minute mark, but when EG looked for the fight they lost Venge and Ember before Arteezy came in to clean up and grab a Rampage. Two VP supports bought back, but Arteezy killed them both before VP called GG.

Game 5 got a strong draft, but EG's last pick Timbersaw for SumaiL made DkPhobos' job as offlane Broodmother a difficult one. Timbersaw took First Blood against the spider in the solo vs. solo lane top.

Timbersaw left top to take the bottom Tier 1 tower, while Broodmother took the top Tier 1 tower, and everyone else focused on trying to kill each other's mid laners. seemed uncomfortable being on the back foot as EG ran them down. Universe's Axe got his Blink Dagger on top of Tranquil Boots and a Magic Stick around the nine minute mark.

Everywhere you looked, EG were picking off's heroes. VP finally grouped at the 18 minute mark to try to take the Tier 1 tower mid lane, but after losing the tower EG grabbed three-kills-for-none, extending their kill lead to 19-8.

After a pause, Brood dove into three heroes mid and despite almost immediately losing the offlaner, caught Venge, Timber and Axe before ppd paused again with an exclamation of "LAG." The teams disengaged with the next unpause.

EG took Roshan at the 25 minute mark after yet another good fight. VP sat back and tried to farm up while EG quickly moved to take the Tier 2 middle tower before heading to high ground. They took the Tier 3 tower before backing off safely. were grouped top to try and make a desperate push, but EG flanked them. Brood fell first as EG dove into VP's back line. G held out the longest, doing enough damage to bring down Arteezy's Shadow Fiend, but he eventually fell and it was a five man wipe for EG.

Evil Geniuses immediately pushed down the mid lane and finished off the barracks. They rotated bottom, but VP had respawned and grabbed a kill on Timber, taking his Gem and a good chunk of Bloodstone charges.'s next plan was Roshan, and they took the Aegis but EG were ready by the pit. They immediately took out Viper's Aegis and wiped the CIS squad, heading to the Radiant base. They skipped the top lane since the Tier 2 still stood there, instead finishing off the Tier 4s before backing off.

EG took the Tier 2 top tower looking to finish things with Mega Creeps, but VP made an admirable hold by taking down all three of EG's cores. They waited for the next Aegis to return to the base.

It was messy and EG lost plenty of lives and buybacks in the process, but they finally finished things at the 50 minute mark to take The Summit 4 title.

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