Alliance defeat Evil Geniuses 2-0, win SL i-League

by theScore Staff Jan 17 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of StarLadder

The week of Dota in Minsk, Belarus came to an end Sunday, with a match between Evil Geniuses and Alliance that saw the TI3 champions defeat the reigning TI5 champions (and Arteezy) in a dominant 2-0 series.

Despite almost being unable to participate due to a snowstorm that caused travel issues and flight delays, Alliance arrived in Minsk just in time for their rescheduled matches.

Out of their first three matches in the group stage, Alliance lost to both Na`Vi and Team Spirit, but beat Fnatic. It would be reasonable to chalk this up to being exhausted from their lengthy from travels, as they arrived after the first few games of the first day were already underway. Their big matches came on Day 2, as Alliance took down both LGD and EG (these were best-of-one matches, but impressive all the same).

Once Alliance hit the playoff round, they were on fire. They dropped just a single game en route to the championship, a best-of-three series against Team Secret.

The Grand Final served as "the Alliance show," with Evil Geniuses tagging along for the ride. In Game 1, Evil Geniuses did not ban Nature's Prophet, which Alliance immediately picked up for themselves.

With s4 on Puck while EGM and Akke somehow played Dazzle and Io aggressively in the early game, Evil Geniuses were team wiped before the 25-minute mark. In the end, the final kill score was 28-5.

Game 2 was a bit harder for Alliance, as EG drafted a magic-damage heavy lineup. They picked up an early Veil of Discord on SumaiL's Zeus, which meant that Alliance had to tank Zeus spam and Poison Nova every time they tried to take the high ground. AdmiralBulldog built a Pipe of Insight on his Spirit Bear and, after several attempts, EG's barracks fell to brute force.

With mega creeps all but secured, EG called GG before the last building died.

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