Wings Gaming qualify for The Summit 5

by theScore Staff May 26 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of StarLadder

Wings Gaming have defeated Vici Gaming Reborn 3-2 in an action-packed best-of-five qualifier Grand Final, securing their spot at the Beyond the Summit house for The Summit 5.

Wings quickly took the first game of the series with a Drow Ranger draft. With five ranged heroes pushing down their towers, NoNo's Alchemist didn't have enough time to come online.

VG.R took Game 2, the longest game of the series, clocking in at just over 60 minutes. Despite a hefty Wings lead around the 45-minute mark, once END's Morphling had finished farming he was an unkillable juggernaut, finishing the game with an 18/1/13 KDA.

The series lead went to VG.R in the next game, the shortest of the series. Wings Gaming called GG after losing melee barracks in the middle lane at just 14 minutes.

Wings were back in control for the final two games of the series. In both games, Faith's Batrider led the way, and the team made quick work of VG.R, never allowing them to reach the late game.

Wings are the first confirmed team headed to The Summit 5. Four qualified teams will be confirmed by the end of this week, with four more slots reserved for direct invites. The Summit 5 takes place July 13-17.

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