Updated: disqualified from The Summit 5 after admitting to illicit substitution in qualifier Grand Finals

by theScore Staff May 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Virtus Pro will no longer attend The Summit 5 as winners of the European qualifier after admitting to breaking the rules in their qualifier Grand Final match against Ad Finem.

Anton Cherepennikov, owner of, is quoted in a post on VP's new site apologizing for breaking tournament rules. Cherepennikov said the team will investigate the situation and provide a more detailed report at a later date.

Update: In a statement given Tuesday morning, Vega Squadron said that Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko played for VP using Ilya "ALOHADANCE" Korobkin's account in part of VP's Grand Finals match against Ad Finem at The Summit EU Qualifier.

Cherepennikov made a followup statement on clarifying that the team had indeed used an unapproved substitute without informing the tournament organizers. He said the organization has since given all relevant information about the incident to Beyond The Summit officials.

In Game 3 of the EU qualifier Grand Finals, ALOHADANCE disconnected around the 24-minute mark, allegedly due to bad weather in his region, and was unable to reconnect. After VP’s ten-minute timeout had expired, BTS organizer and caster Dakota "KotLGuy" Cox told the team that they needed to unpause. VP played with four players for the remainder of Game 3 and lost.

ALOHADANCE appeared to reconnect in Game 4 and played for the rest of the series, though according to Vega's statement, No[o]ne actually played on the account in Game 4. VP won both Games 4 and 5 against Ad Finem to take the series and qualify for The Summit 5.

VP team captain Artsiom "fng" Barshak apologized to fans and organizers in a TwitLonger about the incident. "I know a lot of you were disappointed in me and my team," he wrote. "I made a mistake and I regret that. I want to say sorry to our fans, BTS, KotlGuy, AD finem boys and every single person who disappointed in me. I will try to improve for not making those kind a mistakes."

Vega Squadron's statement said that No[o]ne was not aware that playing as a stand-in for VP would be against tournament rules. "No[o]ne initially agreed to help a team from his own region without knowing that he couldn't be a stand-in on this tournament as he already took part in it," Vega said in its statement. "Of course, he made a mistake and realizes it. Organization applied necessary disciplinary sanctions."

Beyond the Summit have confirmed via Twitter that Ad Finem will play in's place at The Summit 5 in July.

Allegations that No[o]ne impersonated ALOHADANCE at the tournament first arose Sunday in a Reddit post by user “DDropped.” Beyond The Summit official David “LD” Gorman responded to the post, saying that the organization would investigate the claims.

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