Cloud 9 and SFZ: the longest game in competitive Dota 2 history

by Dennis Gonzales Mar 20 2015
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Dota 2 history was made in a Stage 1 Star Ladder Star Series game between Cloud 9 and ScaryFaceZ as the two teams faced off in what has become the longest played game in competitive Dota 2.

The previous Dota 2 record holder belongs to a game between 4 Friends + Chrillee and Team Dog during the FragBite Masters 2014, which lasted 2:05:26. 

The game between C9 and SFZ shattered the previous record, as it officially ended after 3:20:34.

Countless other records were broken because of the game's length as nine of the 10 heroes that were selected had new last hit records by the game's end.

Last hit records New Old
Disruptor 427 188
Sniper 1563 834
Earthshaker 562 330
Zeus 1019 430
Bristleback 1756 514
Clockwerk 508 365
Puck 1145 737
Rubick 597 267
Chen 578 265

The only last hit record for a hero that was not broken was for Anti-Mage. Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao only managed to get 1070 last hits, while the record for the hero is an absurd 2000 last hits achieved by Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev. QwisTa's Bristleback came close, and is in second place for last hits with 1756.

Other interesting stats include:

  • Most kills by a single team: SFZ had 108, ASUS.Polar held the previous record with 89. 
  • Most deaths by a single team: C9 had 109 deaths by game's end
  • Most deaths by a single player: Pittner "bOne7" Armand broke the record for most deaths in a game with 26 deaths. The record was held previously by an unknown player with 25 deaths.
  • Most last hits in a game: SFZ and C9 hold the first and second place in this category, scoring 5327 and 3898 last hits respectively. 
  • Most damage done by a Hero: Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov's Zeus broke the hero damage record with 68699 damage dealt to heroes. The previous record was held by Illidan on Anti-Mage with 62155 damage dealt to heroes.
  • Most assists in a game: The top three record holders are SFZ players, with Zeus getting 68, Disruptor getting 47 and Bristleback getting 46. The previous record was 43 on Elder Titan.
  • Most health restored in a game: Johan "BigDaddy" Sundstein's Chen broke the hero healing record with 29635 healing done. The previous record was 26513 by a Witch Doctor player.
  • Most gold spent in a game: The top three records for gold spent in a game are held by participants in the match, namely EternaLEnVy, QwisTa and Adrian "FATA-" Trinks.

dara's Sniper broke the kills record for the hero with 38, but still behind Illidan's Anti-Mage with 44 kills, and Danil "Dendi" Ishutin's Templar Assassin with 40 kills.

The game can be found on Star Ladder's Twitch page, with the draft starting at around 1:45:00, and the game starting at around 2:05:00.

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