Presenting theScore esports' Manila Major Awards

by theScore esports Staff Jun 20 2016

The final Dota 2 Major of 2016 was thrilling from start to finish, and as such deserves to be remembered properly. So we have scoured through the footage to find for you the best moments of the event and present: theScore esports' Manila Major Award!

Best First Blood

It was close but no cigar for Alliance, as Mineski steal away the Best First Blood award for their fantastic save of Ryan "raging-_-potato" Jay Qui and turnaround gank.

Things looked grim for the Minseki mid player as he was completely caught out by Gustav "s4" Magnusson and Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist's Invis Rune gank. Thankfully, a quick Faerie Fire and Spirit Siphon combo gave Bimbo just enough hp to survive the burst and give his teammates time to teleport in and smash the Alliance members.

And the hometown crowd loved every second of it.

Best Teamfight

Every now and again you see a teamfight that is so beautifully played by one team that you can't help but shed a tear. In this case, MVP Phoenix absolutely wrecked Team Liquid, taking down all five players and forcing out three buy-backs.

What's so impressive about this teamfight is the flawless in-and-out play of the MVP members, dancing around Liquid's attempted initiations and only committing with cooldowns up and a specific target in mind. It's that sort of communication and trust that allows a team to pull off such an amazing teamfight.

Biggest Fail

Even among some great games, there are moments the players would rather you forgot — this is just one of those, a fail in two parts with players on both teams blundering to the amusement of the casters and audience alike.

It started with Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka whiffing his Earth Spirit Rolling Boulder and ending up in a bit of an awkward spot up on the cliff near Fnatic's tier-1 top lane tower. A fail certainly, but not completely unheard of. However, not to be outdone, Chong Xin "Ohaiyo" Khoo misjudged where the Team Liquid support ended up, completely wasting not only his Dark Seer Vacuum, but also his Wall of Replica, giving JerAx enough time to roll away scott-free.


Best Juke

Sometimes you just need to lace up your juke shoes to make it out of a tight spot, and that's exactly what David "MoonMeander" Tan did to escape from the clutches of Team Liquid and walk away from two enemies with sub-25 hp.

Completely caught out before the creeps had even spawned, Moon used his skills and items to their absolute maximum, Fireflying through the trees and popping his Salve, Tangos and Faerie Fires at the perfect moments to limp away, denying Liquid First Blood with this brilliant bit of juking.

Best Roshan Fight

You've probably seen bigger Black Holes, and ones that have caught more people, but few are as clutch as Djardel Jicko B. "DJ" Mampusti's from Game 3 of Fnatic's set against LGD-Gaming.

With two of his teammates caught out by LGD's Ravage, DJ sprung into action, counter-initiating onto all three of LGD's cores with a Blink-Black Hole, saving Chong Xin "Ohaiyo" Khoo with a sliver of health and giving Zheng "MidOne" Yeik Nai the opening he needed to chew up LGD's damage dealers.

A four-for-zero and Roshan on top of it all? Yeah, that's a good Rosh fight.

Play of the Tournament

In our Play of the Tournament, MVP Phoenix once again demonstrates their impeccable teamfighting an decision making, this time pulling off a miracle hold against the massively ahead (not to mention Aegis and Cheesed) LGD-Gaming and somehow surviving with four members.

It started with a small mistake from LGD's Sun "Agressif" Zheng, but MVP wasted no time in pouncing on the opportunity to defend their barracks against the overwhelming odds. The hero of the fight is truly Kim "DuBu" Doo-young, whose fantastic Ice Shards prevented LGD from exiting the fight and whose quick thinking with Snowball saved his team from the devastating damage of LGD's Magnetize.

Watch and be amazed!

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