The Story of Dendi: The Face of Dota

theScore esportsJun 08, 2017
Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is clearly one of Dota 2's most celebrated players. A fan favorite and a deadly player, since his debut Dendi has risen as not only the face of Natus Vincere, but in many ways as the face of all of Dota.

However, that doesn’t mean the road has always been smooth. From the glory days to the present, Dendi’s journey has been one of loyalty, perseverance and dedication. This is Dendi’s story.

Written by: Nicholas Doucet
Edited and Narrated by: Sean Meiliunas

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Courtesy of: Valve Corporation

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Courtesy: Natus Vincere
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Courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment
Source: Riot
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Courtesy: Valve Corporation
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Courtesy: Valve Corporation
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Courtesy of: Valve Corporation
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Courtesy of: Valve Corporation, ESL
Source: NoobfromUA
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Courtesy of: Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Intro

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