Amaz says Archon will wind down, Amnesiac is open to offers from other teams

by Daniel Rosen Sep 7 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore eSports / Team Archon / Blizzard Entertainment

Jason "Amaz" Chan says that now that he has been signed by NRG eSports, Team Archon plans to shut down operations, and is helping its star Hearthstone player William "Amnesiac" Barton field offers from other sponsors.

On-stream on Wednesday, the Team Archon founder answered fan's questions about what would happen to the team in the wake his decision to join NRG. Amaz said that Archon is winding down and that Amnesiac, the only player still signed to the team, is looking for a new organization.

"Basically we are slowly just stopping Archon for a bit," Amaz said. "If anyone wants Amnesiac to be on a Hearthstone team they should contact Amnesiac, they should contact me, and we can sort something out basically. And I think you'd want Amnesiac because he is awesome, he is really really good, that's why I picked him in the first place."

Amaz said Archon was not making money on its investments and that he had been personally bankrolling the team. He claimed that Archon struggled to maintain its sponsorship revenue when Kinguin stopped sponsoring Hearthstone players and events, and its main competitor, G2A, no longer felt it needed to invest as heavily to compete for airtime.

Amaz nonetheless defended G2A as a sponsor. "Without G2A we wouldn't have so many Hearthstone tournaments," he said. "Every time I see someone like, 'G2A sucks so bad,' and whatnot — well if it wasn't for them, Hearthstone wouldn't be where it is right now. All the big streamers are sponsored by G2A too, like Kripp, Trump, and all those guys. Without G2A, the Hearthstone scene would be much slower. Obviously it wasn't very good that they lowered everybody's money but we just kinda have to deal with that."

NRG chairman Andy Miller told theScore esports Tuesday that Amaz is signed to the organization as both a streamer and competitive Hearthstone player, but Amaz said on stream that he's mostly looking to stream and produce tournaments, rather than compete.

"Overall, why I decided to join NRG was because I wanted to focus on doing the things I like, and the things I like are tournament production and streaming," he said.

"Even when I made Team Archon, I always focused on that, because that's what I'm good at. I'm good at organizing tournaments. ... I joined NRG because one of the owners, Andy, really supported the idea of me just making stuff. That's kinda what happened, it kinda clicked."

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