Pavel joins Millenium

by theScore Staff Oct 20 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

HCT Europe Last Call winner Pavel "Pavel" Beltukov has joined Millenium's Hearthstone roster ahead of the Hearthstone World Championship group stage at BlizzCon Opening Week.

Pavel played with Team Empire starting in 2014, placing 5th-6th at HWC 2015 European Championship, but left the org in January 2016. Shortly afterward, he took first place at Hearthstone Champions League Season 2 in February, where he beat Hearthstone's 2015 world champion, Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall, 3-2 in the Grand Finals.

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Earlier this month, Pavel defeated G2 Esports' Dima "Rdu" Radu 4-1 in the Grand Finals of the EU Last Call qualifier to pave his way to BlizzCon. He also beat HCT Summer Championship runner-up George "Georgec" Connoly in the semifinals and former Na`Vi player Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen in the quarters.

Millenium's Hearthstone roster currently has five other players, including Bertrand "Bestmarmotte" Fagnoni, Michaël "Maverick" Looze and Alexandre "Odemian" Leadley.

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