4 Decks to play in Journey to Un'Goro featuring RDU, Xixo, Fr0zen

by theScore Staff Apr 6 2017
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With the Year of the Mammoth kicking off with the release of Hearthstone's latest expansion, Journey to Un'Goro, theScore esports spoke with Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert, G2's Dima "RDU" Radu and Luminosity's Frank "Fr0zen" Zhang and got them to submit a decklist that they recommend to try in the expansion's early days.

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G2 RDU's Elemental Shaman

Deck list created on Hearthstone Top Decks.

RDU: Here's a take on elemental shaman. Maybe it has too many new cards so I might tone it down a bit when I get to play with the cards and try em' out!

Xixo's Jade Druid

Deck list created on Hearthstone Top Decks.

Xixo: With some of the other decks that distracted us before rotating out, I'm super excited to finally spend all my time with my one true love — Jade Druid. Living Mana works well with all the ramp that the deck contains. Burgly Bully replaces Azure Drake, and Golakka Crawler makes pirate warriors feel miserable. Share the love!

Fr0zen's unorthodox Druid

theScore esports: Fr0zen's list certainly differs from many of the lists we've seen in Un'Goro's early days, looking to ramp into huge, late-game threats, along with some potentially incredible Barnes value. Fr0zen added on Twitter he's not yet sure about Feral Rage or Earthen Scales in the list, but said he "might've broken the meta."

theScore esports' N'Zoth Quest Priest

Deck list created on Hearthstone Top Decks.

theScore esports: N'Zoth decks fell out of the Gadgetzan meta, but it's a natural fit with the Priest's quest considering you need to play seven Deathrattle minions to complete it. Even with Sylvanas and several other great Deathrattles rotating out of standard, the ability to instantly set your health to 40 and then re-fill your board using N'Zoth is hard to pass up. Cards like Shadow Visions and Thoughtsteal will give you the flexibility needed to deal with various situations while, Dragonfire Potion is a worthy successor to Excavated Evil for when you need to wipe out the board.

This article will be updated as the expansion rolls out.

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