This Week in Gaming: Death Knights, Fake Team Fights and an Android's Lament

by Sean Tepper Jul 7 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard

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We Like…

Hearthstone Death Knight expansion hype!

After weeks of hints and a meta that got real stale, real quick, Blizzard have finally confirmed that Hearthstone's newest expansion will come out in August and feature Death Knight-ified versions of each hero.

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As much fun as making "Zombeasts" with Darkstalker Rexxar will be, what we're really hyped for are eight single-player missions in which you challenge the bosses from the Icecrown Citadel raid to a children's card game. Though hopefully Sindragosa will be a little less ball-bustingly frustrating.

We Don’t Like…

A fictional movie that LGD may have funded that’s about them winning Worlds

If there’s one thing that China has proven, it’s that their market has the ability to turn even the most sub-par movies into massive financial successes. Unfortunately, we don’t think that this fictional, scripted movie about LGD winning the League of Legends World Championship will be one of those.

According to Reddit user bentseng, the feature film, which boasts a 75 minute runtime, was funded by LGD and follows Pyl, Imp and the rest of the team’s journey as they look to defeat XKG and their star player, Laker in the Worlds finals. Seriously, we couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about this other than ask ourselves: why Laker over Baker and Maker?

We’re Unsure Of...

That better video games are why millennial men are dropping out of the work force

On Monday, the New York Times reported on a paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research positing that the reason younger men are working less hours a year than older age groups are because they're too busy playing The Witcher 3.

According to the paper, while conventional wisdom says young men are working less because of a rough economy and notable lack of jobs, they found that the fall in working hours for young men correlated with an increase in leisure time, and in particular, leisure time spent gaming.

"We estimate that gaming and recreational computer use is distinctively a leisure luxury for younger men, but not for other demographic groups," the paper says. "In particular, a one percent increase in leisure time is associated with a more than 2 percent increase in time spent playing video games."

Of course, that could just be because when you're unemployed and waiting for companies to not call you back, nothing puts off the existential dread for a little while quite like a 150-hour RPG.

We Want...

Playable Lobot

We were absolutely gut-punched when Mashable reported on a data-mined list of Star Wars Battlefront II's heroes and didn't see Lobot included.

The faithful android served Lando Calrissian and the denizens of Cloud City through the Imperial Occupation, helping Rebel operatives including Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker to escape at the cost of his own capture.

Were it not for Lobot's brave actions, it's quite possible the Empire would still be standing to this day, the galaxy still trembling in fear under the second Death Star's reign of terror.

As such, we at theScore esports feel it is our responsibility — nay, our privilege — to ensure Lobot gets his due by being playable in a AAA video game release.

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