The Top 10 Hearthstone expansions we want to see after Knights of the Frozen Throne

by theScore Staff Aug 14 2017
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While Hearthstone's newest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, released just last week, we're already looking forward to where the game's next expansion will take us next.

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We've already had a noir gangster pastiche, an Indiana Jones-esq adventure and even a disco themed expansion in Hearthstone's relatively short life, so we can stand pretty well-assured that Team 5 aren't afraid of jumping any sharks.

10. Pandaria

Hey, if Pandaria was good enough for a full World of Warcraft expansion, why not base a full Hearthstone one around the location.

Based on East Asian culture and myth, Pandaria would be great opportunity to expand on some concepts from Gadgetzan's Jade Lotus faction, such as stealth effects and Jade Golems. Oh yeah, and it would be a great excuse to print way more ninja cards.

9. Pirates

While Pirates have been a staple tribe in Hearthstone since the early days, the game has never had a fully Pirate-themed expansion. Yes, we're all still healing from the wounds left by Gadgetzan's Pirate package and the loathsome Patches, however a Pirate expansion would give Blizzard room to develop the tribe's identity from pure rush down to hopefully something a little more nuanced.

This entry would have gone higher on the list, however the high chance that a Pirate expansion meta in practice would prove to be pure, un-interactive aggro decks definitely cost it points.

8. Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk, a subgenre defined by dystopian visions of the far-flung future and neo-noir crime stories featuring hackers, definitely might seem like a bad fit for Hearthstone, but then again, Shadowrun is a thing.

A Cyberpunk expansion could definitely see the return of the Mech tribe and Parts mechanic from Goblins vs. Gnomes. It could also be cool to see a hacking mechanic that lets you get a glimpse at your opponent's hand or deck.

Okay, fine, I mostly just think it would be funny to see gnomes and orcs clad in Matrix-style leather long coats and dark glasses.

7. Post-Apocalypse

Who doesn't love a good post-apocalypse setting? From The Last of Us to Fallout, video games are an excellent medium with which to examine the degeneration of society and small triumphs to be found after the end of the world.

Or, Blizzard could print a bunch of goofy, biker minions with funny voice lines that reference Mad Max.

6. Outland

The setting of World of Warcraft's very first expansion, The Burning Crusade, Outland holds a special place in many WoW fans' hearts. The hellish, war-torn ruins of Draenor were home to some of the most dangerous foes to be found in the game at the time, including a huge Fel Reaver stalking the battlefield.

Considering how great a job Knights of the Frozen Throne has done capturing the spirit of Wrath of the Lich King and that era of World of Warcraft, we'd love to see the same thing happen with Burning Crusade... or at least a legacy server that doesn't get shut down in five minutes.

5. Old West

Howdy partner! You ready to dosie-do in the Old West? Considering Pirates are already a Hearthstone tribe, why not add in cowboys to the mix? Combine that with some sort of Showdown mechanic similar to The Grand Tournament's Joust as well as a bunch of Sergio Leone-inspired voice lines and you got yourself a recipe for a rootin'-tootin' expac.

I mean, couldn't be worse than The Dark Tower movie.

4. Nazjatar

The sunken city of the naga, Warcraft fans have been clamoring for an expansion set in this underwater, Atlantean local, but sadly Blizzard have opted for Panda lands and alternate timelines instead.

That being case, why not go ahead and make it the focus of a Hearthstone expansion?

The location would offer the opportunity to make important WoW NPCs like Lady Vashj and Queen Azshara Legendary minions as well as a host of deep sea monstrosities unseen since Whispers of the Old Gods.

3. Superheroes

With South Park: The Fractured But Whole beset by delays, there's a pretty good chance we'd get to see Ben Brode's irreverent, video game take on the Super Hero genre before Matt Stone and Trey Parker's if there was even a slight chance of that happening.

What has us particularly excited about this idea is that the Hero card type introduced by the Death Knights of Knights of the Frozen Throne lends itself equally well to giving each of Hearthstone's 9 classes a caped and cowled alter-ego.

Batman Valeera anyone? Evil Scientist Gul'dan? Hulk Garrosh? You bet your ass.

2. Starcraft

With the "Heroes of Warcraft" part removed from Hearthstone's title, what's stopping Blizz from taking Hearthstone's heroes and plunking them into the inter-galactic conflict between the Zerg, Terran and Protoss?

The Starcraft factions provide an excellent opportunity to revisit the tri-class cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan with different classes throwing their allegiance behind different sides. Plus, we'd love to see Brode and the team adapt the RTS series' mechanics like the Zerg Creep and Psionics.

1. Overwatch

In the same way that Heroes of the Storm has become Overwatch for people who are bad at FPS, an Overwatch expansion could make Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm for people who are bad at MOBAs.

Plus, we'd love to see what random effects characters like D.Va or Roadhog could have as Legendary cards.

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