Vexed shuts down esports operations, drops CS:GO and Hearthstone teams

by Josh Bury Mar 8 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore eSports / Vexed

Vexed Gaming is shutting down all eSports operations, the organization confirmed to theScore eSports Tuesday morning.

Speaking with theScore eSports, Vexed Gaming co-owner Rasmus Thorsted confirmed that the CS:GO roster had been dropped, and that the organization would be shutting down all eSports operations.

"Vexed as an organization is no longer going to exist and is not going to be revived at a later point. The management will still stay in the eSports scene, but will not pick up new teams or players as it is now," he said.

While the team's official tweet linked to an HLTV article that addressed only the CS:GO team, Thorsted confirmed that the organization's Hearthstone players have also been released from their contracts.

"Yes, unfortunately we have to let go of our Hearthstone division as well even though it isn't a long ago we acquired them. They have been notified however, and we hope that they will find a new home too soon," he said.

The HLTV article quoted Vexed Gaming co-owner Frederik Vig as saying that the reason for the organization's move was due to "unfulfilled organizational expectations."

Vexed Gaming's Polish CS:GO roster, which was formerly known as eBettle, displayed remarkable consistency in their ability to qualify for major events like DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. The roster consisted of Karol "rallen" Rodowicz, Damian "Furlan" Kisłowski, Dominik "GruBy" Świderski, Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny, Karol "repo" Cybulski and coach Kuba "KubiK" Kubiak.

Their Hearthstone roster featured Teun "Vortex" Eielt and Jan "Faramir" Engelmann.

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