Team Hearthlytics releases all players, temporarily suspends operations

by Josh Bury Jun 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Team Hearthlytics has released all their Hearthstone players and suspended operations temporarily, a TwitLonger from team co-owner RJ Epperson confirmed Thursday.

"The sustain and long term was just not there. Maybe we recruited wrong, maybe our model is wrong, but one thing we're confident about is that this being a single player game made it much harder on us than that of any team game," he wrote. "So naturally, we're moving out of the space."

The roster of Hearthlytics included a number of Hearthstone players, all of whom have now been released. Chief among them were Justin “JAB” Black, who finished 3rd-4th at the 2015 Americas Championship. Also under contract were Muzahidul "Muzzy" I., Jacob “APXVoid” Coen, Claire “chandyland” Chan and fr0zen.

Epperson’s post explains that despite signing some prominent ladder players, they incentivized out-of-game activities like content creation too heavily.

“Truthfully, this is where we went wrong. We created a scenario where professionals who were interested in being the best they can be at a craft were suddenly doing outside-game or uncompetitive related tasks too frequently for their liking. This caused many issues as you can imagine when sponsor related activities didn't get done and I had to answer for that.”

The organization may be done with Hearthstone, but Epperson noted that they’re not discounting a move to another game, along with a potential rebrand.

“We don't see leaving Hearthstone as a failure - more as a prevention of that. We loved every second of what we were doing in the space and would welcome the opportunity to keep doing it but the time has come to shut down and focus efforts elsewhere.”

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