Everything you need to know about BlizzCon 2016

by theScore esports Staff Nov 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Blizzard Entertainment

If you missed anything at BlizzCon, theScore esports has you covered. Here's all the biggest news from Opening Week Oct. 26-31 and the main event on Nov. 4-5. Check back here for updates on your favorite games throughout the event.

Overwatch World Cup

Top 8
Russia Spain South Korea China
France Finland United States Sweden

Hearthstone World Championship

Top 8
JasonZhou Amnesiac Che0nsu HotMEOWTH
Hamster Pavel Cydonia DrHippi

StarCraft II WCS Finals

Top 8
ShoWTimE Dark TY Zest
Elazer Neeblet ByuN Stats

Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship

Top 8
MVP Black Please Buff Arthas Astral Authority Team Dignitas
Ballistix Fnatic ZeroPanda Denial eSports

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StarCraft II

Heroes of the Storm