Heroes of the Storm Patch 23.0 introduces Valeera, reworks Tassadar and Rexxar

by Jan 24 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Happy Lunar Festival! In Patch 23.0, the reworks for both Tassadar and Rexxar are live and with them comes the introduction of the Warcraft Assassin Valeera Sanguinar, the shadowy rogue from the order of the Uncrowned.

Utilizing stealth mechanics and combo points, Valeera strikes at her foes from the shadows and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Her kit is heavily based on the Rogue class from World of Warcraft, with nods to her Hearthstone presence in her talents and voice lines.

Tassadar received major changes to turn him into a Support mage reliant on utility, with the developers feeling he was having "a bit of an identity crisis from the moment he stepped foot into the Nexus." Additionally, Rexxar had talents added and modified to make Rexxar and Misha feel a bit more like the beastly duo the developers envisioned.

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