Blizzard confirms eStar visa issues; Brave Heart will feature EDG players

by Josh Bury Oct 22 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of N/A / Blizzard Press

It was a visa issue that prevented eStar Gaming from attending BlizzCon, Blizzard confirmed Thursday.

In a post on their Heroes eSports website, they expressed their disappointment that the Chinese squad was not able to attend the event. They also explained that the Brave Heart squad that will attend BlizzCon will have some members of EDward Gaming on the roster.

"Some members of Brave Heart were also unable to secure visas, but members of the fourth-place team, EDward Gaming, have arranged to join them so that Brave Heart can still move on to represent China at the World Championship," the post explained.

The roster change flies in the face of a roster lock that Blizzard put in place for all teams that applied from the time of a team's qualification, but it may have been the only way to ensure a second Chinese team would represent the region at BlizzCon. Team YL, who finished second at the Chinese qualifiers, is the other Chinese team.

The group announcement by Blizzard on Wednesday did not include eStar, though no reason was given at the time of the post.

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