Heroes of the Storm post-BlizzCon Roster Tracker

by Josh Bury Nov 12 2015
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The BlizzCon 2015 Heroes World Championship is over, but for many teams the end of BlizzCon is just the beginning.

We've compiled a list of free agents, roster moves and other news that will keep you up-to-date on the teams that have formed and the players yet to sign.

This post will be updated as news breaks.

Recent news

27/1/16: Shot on forming Resurgence: 'I foresee us being a Top 3 team in a very short time'​

27/1/16: scHwimpi on joining Fnatic: 'with time, I believe this will be the strongest roster in Europe'​

25/1/16: Dignitas transfers Atheroangel and scHwimpi to Fnatic​

22/1/16: Glaurung, CauthonLuck and Faye join COGnitive Gaming​

22/1/16: Dignitas and Fnatic rosters on ESL's website point to changes​

22/1/16: Natus Vincere adds Ménè, GranPkt and Crozzby

21/1/16: Team Liquid adds Jowe, Shad for first EU preliminary tournament

14/1/16: SK Gaming disbands amid personality conflicts, Araragi to build new roster under the Blank name

14/1/16: COGnitive drops Scylol and Syracuse, retains Cattlepillar and iakona

13/1/16: VortiX returns to SC2, LucifroN to retire from pro play

13/1/16: Happy Accidents: an interview with Bob Ross Fan Club​

11/1/16: Bob Ross Fan Club takes first place at Heroes Rising​

10/1/16: Jowe on G2 roster split: 'I would say we failed to keep up the hype between us'​

9/1/16: G2 Esports parts ways with Heroes roster​

8/1/16: mYinsanity add HasuObs and Splendour to Heroes of the Storm roster​

6/1/16: Blank will represent SK Gaming at Heroes Rising: coach​

5/1/16: COGnitive's HotS roster plans to re-sign with org: manager

31/12/15: Fan joins Bob Ross Fan Club

24/12/15: Glaurung leaves COGnitive Gaming

18/12/15: compLexity Gaming parts ways with Heroes of the Storm roster

15/12/15: Arthelon leaves Bob Ross Fan Club to go to Cloud9

14/12/15: 2ARC drops Insomnia

10/12/15: Srey and Goku trying out with Tempo Storm, Dreadnaught retires

10/12/15: bkb on's recent play: 'It felt like we were five solo queue players playing in a team'​

9/12/15: Sportbilly on leaving ROCCAT: 'I didn't think we could compete with the top teams in EU'

9/12/15: retains CEBKAJE, releases rest of roster​

8/12/15: The Joy of Winning: an interview with Bob Ross Fan Club

8/12/15:'s manager: 'It's clear that the previous roster ... no longer exists'

3/12/15: Crozzby leaves mYi, will sub for Na'vi with GranPkt at Heroes Battle Arena​

27/11/15: Panda Global acquires Kappa Wolves' roster

26/11/15: Quackniix on Fnatic's new roster: 'Trust is the key factor here'​

26/11/15: Smexystyle, Quackniix signed by Fnatic; Shad remains as trial member

24/11/15: adrd, RzuF to sub for TCM-Gaming at DreamHack Winter

24/11/15: Team Liquid signs Cris, GerdamHerd

23/11/15: Bakery on Dignitas' new roster: 'this is my dream team, under my leadership'​

23/11/15: Dignitas trades Zarmony for JayPL, scHwimpi

22/11/15: mYinsanity acquires Spartanien roster, confirms Wubby will sub at DreamHack

19/11/15: Team Liquid wins first-ever Fragbite Masters with trial members Cris and GerdamHerd

17/11/15: Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson to sub for Team Dignitas at Fragbite Masters

13/11/15: Kenma on new Heroes team: 'Our goal isn't to be the best in NA, it's to be the best in the world'

13/11/15: Arthelon, Zuna form new team

12/11/15: Gerdamherd, Cris join Team Liquid; GranPkt, Redx join ROCCAT

11/11/15: Wubby to sub for Team Spartanien at Fragbite Masters

8/11/15: Tempo Storm releases Arthelon, Zuna

North American pro Heroes players and teams

Players in this category meet one of the following criteria: appearance in the Top 8 of any regional Open, play in entire ESL Major League season, have a very strong mix of ESL Major League and/or amateur event experience.

27/1/16: Austin "Shot" Lonsert weighs in on his new team, Resurgence, which features Long "Daihuu" Wang, Jon "Equinox" Peterson, John "KilicK" Gelou and Josh "Ryxie" Waters.

22/1/16: Mike "Glaurung" Fisk, Kayla "Faye" Murray and Rori "CauthonLuck" Bryant-Raible join Jeffrey "iakona" Dolan and Ben "Cattlepillar" Bunk on the COGnitive Gaming roster.

14/1/16: The current roster of Blank, who represented SK Gaming at Heroes Rising, disbands. Seth "Araragi" Fitzpatrick, who could not be immediately reached for comment, later confirms to theScore eSports that he will form a new Blank roster with Taylor "GamesChess" Barden.

Austin "Shot" Lonsert and Long "Daihuu" Wang each confirm that they plan to continue competitive play.

14/1/16: COGnitive Gaming drops Donald "Scylol" Dobbin and Forrest "Syracuse" Holland, and confirms that they will retain Jeffrey "iakona" Dolan and Ben "Cattlepillar" Bunk.

They also confirm that they have found two replacements already, and are trying out a third.

12/1/16: Murloc Geniuses removes Manny "Fury" Medina and Drew "madtimmy" Rodgers. Both communicate their intentions to continue playing competitively.

10/1/16: Bob Ross Fan Club, playing with new addition Fan "Fan" Yang, defeats Cloud9 with a reverse sweep at the grand finals of Heroes Rising.

6/1/16: Team Blank confirms that they will represent SK Gaming at Heroes Rising, further clarifying that they are not signed by the organization but that they "would be honored to work with them in the future if things pan out that way," according to coach Kurtis "Kalamalka" Lloyd.

5/1/16: The manager of COGnitive Gaming's Heroes roster, Dylan "Dylux" Walker, confirms that the team will use Ben "Cattlepillar" Bunk and John "KilicK" Gelou will play with the rest of the roster at Heroes Rising. He adds that players will be signed "in the coming weeks" after the event.

31/12/15: In a Reddit post, Bob Ross Fan Club Manager Pat "Tazza" Yiu confirms that they have added Fan "Fan" Yang as their fifth player.

Fan is now the third member of the roster who played for Barrel Boys — he played for the squad alongside Stafford "McIntyre" McIntyre in early 2014, while Aaron "erho" Kappes played with the team shortly thereafter.

24/12/15: Mike "Glaurung" Fisk confirms that he has left COGnitive Gaming in a move that he describes as "mostly mutual." The team's manager, Dylan "Dylux" Walker, confirms to theScore eSports that the team has also parted ways with Joey "Hospital" Gavlas.

He also confirms that the team has reached an agreement to re-sign with COGnitive.

"While we have not yet re-signed officially with COGnitive we have reached an agreement with the ownership to retain us. We had no idea what the new ownership coming in would bring to the table, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear their plans. As it turns out both my team and the organization as a whole will be an entirely different animal next year and we are all very excited for the future," he explained.

18/12/15: compLexity Gaming drops their Heroes of the Storm roster. The roster plans to go their separate ways.

23/12/15: Cloud9 confirms that they have parted ways with Fan "Fan" Yang and that they have signed Taylor "Arthelon" Eder.

15/12/15: Ken "Kenma" Buechter tweets that Taylor "Arthelon" Eder has left Bob Ross Fan Club to join Cloud9, and then confirms the situation directly to theScore eSports. Pat "Tazza" Yiu, BRFC's manager, tweets that the situation wasn't supposed to be public for another week and then confirms the same to theScore eSports.

14/12/15: 2ARC Gaming announces that it has decided to part ways with support Zach "Insomnia" Hacker, and will hold open tryouts for the position. During the Enter The Storm NA #1 playoff stage, the team utilized both Shawn David "Sheth" Simon and Tianyun "Dayun" Zhang as substitutes.

10/12/15: Tempo Storm manager Jared "Zoia" Eggleston announces on Town Hall Heroes that Tempo Storm has made progress on their new roster: they are trying out Quinn "Srey" Fischer and Francisco "Goku" Avalos, and Wade "Dreadnaught" Penfold has decided to retire.

6/12/15: The roster of Blank — Austin "Shot" Lonsert, Alex "Meadow" Levin, Taylor "Gameschess" Barden, Keaton "Biceps" Consentine and Seth "Araragi" Fitzpatrick — defeats Bob Ross Fan Club in a best-of-one at the Heroes Rising Online Qualifier.

27/11/15: The roster of Kappa Wolves — Mike "MichaelUdall" Udall, Stefen "akaface" Anderson, Harrison "psalm" Chang, Josh "bkid" Choi and Sammuel "bigempct" Hua — is picked up by Panda Global.

18/11/15: Stone "Pannucci" May confirms he is still seeking a competitive team.

15/11/15: Ryan "Protoges" Griswold (Support), formerly of COGnitive Gaming and Kappa Wolves, announces his free agency.

14/11/15: Bob Ross Fan Club wins the first Enter The Storm NA Qualifier, defeating Murloc Geniuses, Vox Nihili and eLevate en route to the top.

13/11/15: Aaron "Evandrinde" Trevette (Assassin), formerly of The PLEYZ/Panda Global, announces his free agency.

13/11/15: The roster for Bob Ross Fan Club is revealed, consisting of Chris "Zuna" Buechter, Ken "Kenma" Buechter, Taylor "Arthelon" Eder, Aaron "erho" Kappes and Stafford "McIntyre" McIntyre.

12/11/15: Jordan "SkullKid" Hanth, also known as Jordo (Assassin), formerly of Wild Growth, confirms his free agency to theScore eSports.

12/11/15: Austin "Shot" Lonsert (Flex) competes in Heroes Hype alongside Stone "Pannucci" May (Warrior; 2ARC), Keaton "Biceps" Consentine (Assassin; C9 Maelstrom) and Shawn David "Sheth" Simon (Support; C9 Vortex).

Shot then confirmed that he is working on forming a team.

"Biceps, Sheth and I are permanent for now. We are still seeing who we want to fill the melee and ranged roles. Pannucci and Nadebot both were great however I also have plenty of people that want to try out so I have to give the notable players a shot," he explained.

09/11/15: Austin "Shot" Lonsert (Flex), formerly of COGnitive Gaming, announces his free agency on Twitter.

09/11/15: Alexei "Blinks" Bazhenov (Support), formerly of compLexity Gaming, confirms his free agency to theScore eSports.

09/11/15: Brian "Zixz" Skarda (Support), formerly of Bang Bang! and C9 Vortex, confirms his free agency on Twitter.

09/11/15: Jerome "KilluZiioN" Tanguay (Warrior), formerly of Wild Growth, confirms his free agency to theScore eSports. [Update: KilluZiioN​ is now part of King of Blades Alpha]

09/11/15: Christopher "chrisylo" Lopez (Flex), formerly of Wild Growth and Psi Storm Gaming, confirmed his free agency to theScore eSports.

08/11/15: Taylor "Arthelon" Eder (Assassin) and Chris "Zuna" Buechter (Assassin) become free agents after being released by Tempo Storm. A comment from Arthelon on the Heroes subreddit implies that he will be part of a new team.

European pro Heroes players and teams

Players in this category meet one of the following criteria: appearance in the Top 8 of any regional Open, play in entire ESL Major League season, have a very strong mix of major tournament and/or Major League experience.

25/1/16: Both Team Dignitas and Fnatic confirm that Lawrence "Atheroangel" Harper and Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson have been transferred from Dignitas to Fnatic for "an undisclosed fee."

22/1/16: Rosters listed on the ESL website for the first Heroes Championship — Katowice qualifier show big changes to both Team Dignitas and Fnatic: with Lawrence "Atheroangel" Harper and Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson listed on Fnatic, Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson, Matic "Zarmony" Mikec and Dejan "diqozoY" Komočar listed on Dignitas, and Joshua "Snitch" Bennett noticeably absent.

22/1/16: Thomas "Ménè" Cailleux, Fran "GranPkt" Núñez and Martin "Crozzby" Rugh are signed by Natus Vincere. GranPkt and Crozzby had been trying out with the team for some time, while Ménè had previously been playing for Fnatic.

21/1/16: Warrior Oskar "Jowe"Halamus and flex Daniel "Shad" González join the Team Liquid roster, filling the spots left vacant by VortiX and LucifroN.

13/1/16: Team Liquid announces that Juan "VortiX" Moreno Durán will return to StarCraft II while Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Durán will be retiring from professional play. The team is currently holding tryouts for the two vacant spots.

10/1/16: Oskar "Jowe" Halamus explains the situation that led the members of G2 to split up.

"I would say we failed to keep up the hype between us, among all those roster swaps and new teams rising, which were pretty eager to play and win," he said.

9/1/16: G2 Esports parts ways with their Heroes of the Storm roster.

"At the end of the year, we were informed that the players would be going their separate ways, leaving us with no choice but to close down the Heroes of the Storm section," the announcement explained.

8/1/16: mYinsanity adds Lyubomir "Splendour" Kozlovski and Dennis "HasuObs" Scneider to complete their Heroes of the Storm roster. The team was without a support player since Raoul "Gerdamherd" Saurbier left for Team Liquid. Martin "Crozzby" Rugh later left to play with Natus Vincere.

15/12/15: Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson subs for Fnatic at Heroes Battle Arena, though team management refuses to comment on whether or not this represents a try-out. He plays in the slot that Oskar "Zyfoh" Bäckström and Daniel "Shad" González previously occupied.

13/12/15: Oskar "Zyfoh" Bäckström plays with Fnatic at the ETS EU #4 qualifiers in place of previous tryout Daniel "Shad" González. Zyfoh was a member of Pirates in Pyjamas along with current Fnatic members Filip "Smexystyle" Liljeström and Dob "Quackniix" Engström.

10/12/15: Arturs "bkbgrnrjefek" Hlibovs weighs in on the recent issues with

9/12/15: Ivan "Sportbilly" Koturić leaves ROCCAT. In an interview, he tells theScore eSports that he has tried out with adrd's new team Sandwich Monkeys.

9/12/15: announces that their entire roster save for Vsevolod "CEBKAJE" Demianenko has been released. CEBKAJE will build the next iteration of the roster.

7/12/15:'s manager Eugene "GreenGT" Luchianenco confirms to theScore eSports that "the previous roster of no longer exists."

Along with Arturs "bkbgrnrjefek" Hlibovs's participation in Sandwich Monkeys, Andrey "AndyLendi" Pishikov and Iliya "Unnstable" Grigoriev played with former ArthasStroitHram teammate Alexander "stalk" Melder as part of GoogleIshetZont, who defeated G2 Esports at the ETS #4 qualifiers.

5/12/15: Sandwich Monkeys competes in the ETS EU #4 qualifiers. The team roster on the ETS website is composed of Adrian "adrd" Wojcik, Arturs "bkbgrnrjefek" Hlibovs, Kai "Antihero" Oset, Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson and Pascal "snow" Swoboda. Replacing Antihero in the tournament was Alexey "shtyr" Shtylenkov.

4/12/15: drops out of the 4K Heroes showmatch, offering no reason for their absence.

3/12/15: Martin “Crozzby” Rugh is subbing for Natus Vincere on a tryout basis, according to the team's manager Andrey "Kimi" Kvasnevskiy. Fran "GranPkt" Núñez, who played for Team ROCCAT at DreamHack Winter and was a member of the old Team Liquid, is also subbing with Na`Vi.

1/12/15: Kai "Antihero" Oset subs for Fnatic during the team's Heroes Battle Arena game against Team manager Lukas "Iyonic" Breitweiser confirms Antihero is simply subbing for Dob "Quackniix" Engström and is not a tryout.

26/11/15: Filip "Smexystyle" Liljeström and Dob "Quackniix" Engström have been signed by Fnatic after their stint as trial members. Daniel "Shad" Gonzalez remains on the roster as a trial member.

24/11/15: Adrian "adrd" Wojcik and Przemysław "RzuF" Rudzki confirm that they will sub for TCM-Gaming at DreamHack, replacing Cristian "AceofSpades" Lippa and Jascha "TazzDingo" Tegethoff.

adrd remains a free agent after being released from Dignitas, while RzuF is a current member of EURONICS Gaming.

24/11/15: Raoul "Gerdamherd" Saurbier and Christoph "Cris" Gowitzke are signed by Team Liquid after a trial period with the team.

23/11/15: Jerome "JayPL" Trinh and Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson are acquired by Team Dignitas in exchange for Matic "Zarmony" Mikec and undisclosed fees. Natus Vincere has yet to fill their fifth roster spot. Adrian "adrd" Wojcik also parts ways with Team Dignitas.

23/11/15: TCM Gaming, the squad that qualified for DreamHack Winter through the open qualifiers, announces that they have finalized their roster. It consists of Cristian "AceofSpades" Lippa, Molnár "Holocarantus" Zoltán, Jascha "TazzDingo" Tegethoff, Alexander "Remmerballer" Remmerswaal and Christopher "chriZplosion" Zerbe.

22/11/15: mYinsanity acquires the Team Spartanien roster, with staying on as a sponsor. The team confirms it will hold tryouts for the support position but will have Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson sub for the team at DreamHack.

19/11/15: Team Liquid wins the first-ever Fragbite Masters Heroes tournament with trial members Raoul "Gerdamherd" Saurbier and Christoph "Cris" Gowitzke. The roster has yet to be publicly finalized.

18/11/15: Jerome "JayPL" Trinh subs for Team Dignitas, replacing Matic "Zarmony" Mikec and joining Na`Vi teammate scHwimpi.

17/11/15: Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson subs for Team Dignitas at Fragbite Masters, replacing Adrian "adrd" Wojcik. Team Dignitas management confirms to theScore eSports that adrd remains on the roster but was simply unable to play.

12/11/15: Raoul "Gerdamherd" Saurbier (Support) and Christoph "Cris" Gowitzke (Assassin) join Team Liquid. Gerd confirms he has joined on a trial basis, the same may be true for Cris.

11/11/15: Kai "Antihero" Oset (Warrior/Melee Flex), formerly of Team Kinguin, confirms his free agency to theScore eSports.

09/11/15: Victor "Zhiku" Alexandersson (Assassin/Flex), formerly of Pirates in Pyjamas, confirms his free agency to theScore eSports.

08/11/15: Raoul "Gerdamherd" Saurbier (Support) leaves Team Spartanien. A Facebook post by the organization states that Gerd has received "several very interesting offers from top teams."

04/11/15: Cristofer "Blackscorp" Embareck confirms his retirement on Twitter.

Amateur Heroes players

A list of players that are free agents, but do not meet the above criteria, can be found here. As with this article, it will be continually updated.

Josh Bury is the Muradin Stormbolt that prevents you from using your Haunting Wave to escape. You can find him on Twitter.